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Since founding Juniper Networks 20 years ago, I’ve worked tirelessly with Juniper engineers to deliver on our commitment to invest in and incubate disruptive innovation.


Today, I’m pleased to share that Juniper Networks has entered into an agreement to acquire Aurrion, a disruptive innovator in silicon-photonics technology.



To maintain operations, enterprises must cloud-enable these branches by adopting an agile, automated, and scalable network approach that delivers complete, end-to-end security. 


Juniper is solving these problems with the introduction of our new Cloud-Enabled Branch, which is designed to reduce complexity and close security vulnerabilities by giving control back to the enterprises and lowering operational expenses.



Automated, Secure and ready for SD-WAN

Juniper has tapped two decades of networking expertise and a thorough understanding of enterprise needs to develop a new Cloud-Enabled Branch solution that lets enterprises utilize various network links for implementing different cloud applications in their branch locations.


The Cloud-Enabled Branch uses automation strategies across your Enterprise network to reduce manual configuration errors, speed up the branch deployments and in turn, reduce the operational expenses of branch management.


And, because protecting every location is critical, our Cloud-Enabled Branch delivers comprehensive security services that dynamically update policies to mitigate day-zero threats, whether they originate inside or outside the enterprise network.


If you’re moving to the cloud, now’s the time to move to Juniper’s Cloud-Enabled Branch.




Download Solution Brief: Juniper Unite Cloud-Enabled Branch

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The Only Piece of Hardware Your Branch Will Ever Need

by Juniper Employee ‎06-28-2016 07:59 AM - edited ‎06-28-2016 10:20 AM


Human error accounts for 52 percent of security breaches in today’s enterprise networks. Why? Two reasons. First, these networks are so complex, with multiple layers of products and tools, they require cumbersome manual processes to manage them, leaving them vulnerable to operational and security lapses. Second, many employees use unsanctioned applications that may not be safe, leaving networks exposed to exploitation.


If you are the kind of person whose ears perk up at news of the latest technology breakthrough, who gets excited by the chance to apply new computing tools and approaches to old problems, and who isn’t daunted by uncertainty and change, this is a truly an awesome time to be alive.


I’m not the only one who thinks so. Juniper recently commissioned Wakefield Research to ask 2,700 IT and business decision-makers who work in technology-intensive industries—including financial services, healthcare, retail, and service providers in telecommunications, cable, and Internet content and connectivity—what they think of the current wave of technology-driven disruption and how their companies are responding. I think it’s safe to say that many in my field are enthusiastic about the new capabilities at their disposal.



On behalf of the Information Experience team, I am pleased to reveal the latest innovations in Juniper’s Network Design and Architecture Center.


The Design and Architecture Center was launched in 2015  as a result of customer and partner feedback and our vision for an improved information experience to bridge the gap between high level solution content and technical product information


Surviving Disruption

by Juniper Employee ‎06-21-2016 04:44 AM - edited ‎06-22-2016 07:26 AM

shutterstock_316790060.pngUntil recently, the idea that you could create one of the world’s largest lodging company without building any hotels, operate a global taxi service without owning fleets of vehicles, or establish the planet’s most influential media company without hiring armies of writers, editors, and producers would have seemed preposterous.


How disruptive is the current technology-driven transformation of business? When you consider that one of the world’s most valuable lodging company (Airbnb) manages no buildings, the biggest ride sharing service (Uber) owns no vehicles, the most influential media company (Facebook) creates no original content, and one of the leading retailers (Alibaba) controls no inventory, it’s clear that technology is overturning traditional business models and familiar tactics that create a competitive advantage.


At Juniper, we live and breathe innovation. And we want our customers and partners to have the resources they need in order to do the same. The industry continues to evolve at a pace faster than most companies, so we want to encourage the next phase of networking innovation with the tools, resources and expertise to advance the entire industry.


We are incredibly proud to announce that Rami Rahim has landed a highly coveted spot on the Glassdoor 2016 Highest Rated CEO list. The only executive from our industry to make the list, Rami is ranked 24th nationwide with an extremely impressive (and deserving!) 94% organic employee approval rating. A long-time employee and leader at Juniper Networks, he was appointed as CEO two years ago and has exceeded the team’s expectations as a leader who not only knows our business inside and out, but knows what makes our employees tick.


Juniper is committed to our people, culture and values.



Over the coming weeks and months, we anticipate sharing our vision of the next generation open Optical Line System, with details on how Juniper plans to change the way packet optical transport networks are designed and deployed. Today, the global packet optical transport network is a closed, relatively static environment that lacks openness and automation. GMPLS failed as a standard, with very little interoperability between carriers. Why is this? Is SDN the answer? Clearly a new approach to infrastructure development is required.


On Tuesday, May 17, 2016, Juniper Networks will be hosting its Investor Day at the New York Stock Exchange. We look forward to providing a comprehensive view of the company’s vision and strategy for delivering and succeeding in the marketplace.


We join our peers in taking a stand that discrimination will not be tolerated against any group of people, regardless of their category of diversity. At Juniper Networks, we seek to understand and include different perspectives by acting respectfully and admiring and embracing the diversity in people and their ideas. That remains our focus. We disagree with laws passed or being considered in various states that discriminate against the LGBT community and strongly urge those states to reconsider their position. 


-Rami Rahim, CEO


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