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OpenLab: The SDN Throwdown Is Coming To EMEA

by Juniper Employee ‎03-24-2017 12:12 PM - edited ‎03-24-2017 03:57 PM

We began the rollout of our OpenLab centres around Europe just a few months ago, and soon we will kick off the first University Throwdown – a unique educational experience comprising both a workshop and application development competition for students - in the region in April.


With connected devices outnumbering humans globally, and the advent of new innovations such as the Internet of Things (IoT), operators are rapidly looking to take advantage of new tools and resources to migrate their legacy mobile networks to a 5G and IoT-ready cloud architecture.  



As many of you know, I have always had a passion for solving large, complex problems that have broad industry applicability. One of the biggest challenges facing the high tech industry today is how to make radical improvements to the economics, security, and reliability of cloud data centers given the slowdown of Moore's Law and the progressive increase in the ratio of communication to computation for contemporary applications. This is the reason I founded Fungible in 2015.


I am equally passionate about the success of Juniper Networks, the company I founded in 1996.



How you do things matters just as much as what you build. If you look internally and see acceptance of the ordinary, apathy, or stagnation, it’s only a matter of time for it to reflect in your products and value. So, when we decided to proactively redefine how we build software at Juniper, it was a major initiative, but not uncharacteristic. After all, it makes us better on the inside.



Announcing Juniper’s Planned Acquisition of AppFormix

by Juniper Employee ‎12-01-2016 01:15 PM - edited ‎01-26-2017 04:30 PM

As we have worked on large-scale deployments of hybrid clouds with SaaS providers and NFV with telecom service providers, we realize at Juniper Networks that some of the biggest obstacles to adoption and growth of these environments are operations and workload management.


As hybrid cloud and NFV solutions mature, the day-one experience has become fairly smooth. While there are many software components that must come together to create an orchestration stack, the market is standardizing, and we are tackling the deployment problem through automation and systems integrations efforts with our partners like Red Hat, Canonical, and Mirantis.


Today, both the vMX and vSRX platforms are featured on the AWS MarketPlace. The platforms are designed to simplify the experience of using virtual private cloud services and unite with the full-strength of Juniper’s solutions portfolio. They are offered as a managed Amazon Machine Image (AMI) to allow customers to launch and use a pre-configured vMX or vSRX in minutes.


At Juniper Networks, our products are at the heart of some of the world’s largest Telco and SaaS Providers’ networks. But increasingly, our customers are not only demanding solutions for software-defined networking, but they’re now asking Juniper to help solve operational challenges and workload management in both Telco Cloud and Enterprise Hybrid Cloud environments. We continue to aim towards solving these problems and ultimately these may lead our solutions – especially OpenContrail – in some exciting new directions. 



At last week’s annual Juniper Networks’ customer conference, NXTWORK, our CEO Rami Rahim struck a chord with the audience and media when he laid out a vision for the not-so-distant future: a world of Digital Cohesion. This new era can be described as a world in which applications connect and self-assemble in a way that will enhance our lives.


We hear a lot about digital disruption and digital transformation. But what sets Digital Cohesion apart is that it goes beyond point services to holistic mega-services and that these services are anticipatory and adaptive based on the amazing work happening around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


For anyone responsible for building and managing networks, there are few things more important than securing that investment. With ever-changing and increasing network threats comes a wealth of information that can often times be difficult to manage. Juniper is here to help. Our new Network Design and Architecture Center’s portal for Software-Defined Secure Networks allows our customers and partners to easily navigate through all of our aggregated, multi-media rich content for a seamless information experience.


Earlier this year, we announced the global expansion of Juniper’s OpenLab Program to catalyze networking innovation worldwide. We’re continuing on this journey with the opening of our Silicon Valley location on October 4, 2016, building on the success of Juniper’s flagship OpenLab innovation center in New Jersey.


Located in Juniper’s headquarters in Sunnyvale, Calif., OpenLab Silicon Valley will provide Juniper’s customers and partners, universities, start-ups and other industry leaders with hands-on access to a suite of Juniper automation products and tools.


Since founding Juniper Networks 20 years ago, I’ve worked tirelessly with Juniper engineers to deliver on our commitment to invest in and incubate disruptive innovation.


Today, I’m pleased to share that Juniper Networks has entered into an agreement to acquire Aurrion, a disruptive innovator in silicon-photonics technology.



To maintain operations, enterprises must cloud-enable these branches by adopting an agile, automated, and scalable network approach that delivers complete, end-to-end security. 


Juniper is solving these problems with the introduction of our new Cloud-Enabled Branch, which is designed to reduce complexity and close security vulnerabilities by giving control back to the enterprises and lowering operational expenses.



Automated, Secure and ready for SD-WAN

Juniper has tapped two decades of networking expertise and a thorough understanding of enterprise needs to develop a new Cloud-Enabled Branch solution that lets enterprises utilize various network links for implementing different cloud applications in their branch locations.


The Cloud-Enabled Branch uses automation strategies across your Enterprise network to reduce manual configuration errors, speed up the branch deployments and in turn, reduce the operational expenses of branch management.


And, because protecting every location is critical, our Cloud-Enabled Branch delivers comprehensive security services that dynamically update policies to mitigate day-zero threats, whether they originate inside or outside the enterprise network.


If you’re moving to the cloud, now’s the time to move to Juniper’s Cloud-Enabled Branch.




Download Solution Brief: Juniper Unite Cloud-Enabled Branch

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