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Traditionally, the network has been the main revenue centre for Service Providers (SPs). With the growth of the Internet and especially the Over-the-Top (OTT) services, SPs have been forced to throw additional resources to support the traffic growth and are rapidly being forced to build unsustainable business models were the network becomes a cost centre.

In this blog I discuss about the importance of Network Programmability to transform tne network back into a Revenue Center

Even though I am a networking industry insider, I have a deep sense of wonder about how we are all connected.  It is quite profound that we are able to communicate, create, and conduct commerce in such a networked fashion. 


On Monday morning we had another reminder of our dependence on that connectivity when a small percentage of our customers experienced a brief Internet outage.   Within minutes of the incident we began to receive calls from key network providers about a brief but serious outage in Internet infrastructure.  A highly unusual sequence and timing of complex routing instructions communicated through Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) had triggered a software bug in one type of line card.   As a result several network service providers experienced brief instability.


Failover systems prevented broader impact and only certain earlier versions of software on certain routers experienced impact.  In fact, in most cases the problem was localized to the specific line card.  However, because networks are so interdependent, the corrupted route instructions impacted several networks simultaneously.  The problem and its recovery demonstrate the beauty and the challenge of being so connected with each other.


Today I’m excited to announce that we have started a strategic collaboration with GE Intelligent Platforms to design and develop a family of secure and rugged high performance network appliances to support current and emerging requirements in the Defense Space. This collaboration will combine the innovative cultures and rich heritage in military, security, networking of both companies. This synergy and customer focus of both global brands will enable the design, development and deployment of high performance security and network solutions and systems that meet and exceed military specifications and requirements.



This collaboration is very timely as key customers in both the Defense and National Security Spaces have an increasing number of mission critical requirements for these types of leading edge networking and security solutions and systems. These customers must deliver leading edge solutions and systems in the face of significant budget reductions, the need to enhance capabilities and intelligence at the tactical edge, a growing list of federal certifications, and protecting all network and information assets from an ever expanding threat vectors including viruses, malware, Denial of Service attacks, etc.


The initial focus of this strategic collaboration will be on Military Ground Systems and the Tactical Edge, but may expand to other areas of Defense and National Security such as Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) systems.


This new family of GE solutions and systems, built on Juniper’s industry leading routing, switching and security capabilities, powered by its purpose built JUNOS Operating System, will provide Defense, and potentially National Security, customers systems and solutions with the ever increasing level of security, reliability and performance they now demand. This solutions and systems family will provide those security and performance capabilities within the customers’ current space, weight, power and cost constraints. The General Electric and Juniper collaboration will focus on the Defense Department’s most pressing and complex problems and requirements.


The power of GE extending and expanding Juniper’s field tested and proven network and security products and platforms, along with its JUNOS Operating System, will provide both companies and Defense and National Security customers a continuing source for the innovative, secure and reliable systems and platforms it now needs.  For more information visit Juniper’s newsroom:

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