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As Q110 draws to a close, I’ve been reflecting on what we’ve set out to achieve in the EMEA theater this year. Inevitably every first quarter contains a lot of planning and preparation – but to maintain momentum we also have to execute on those plans as the ink dries. Some wonderful accounts have been won, with new brands to us betting on Juniper to help them meet their business goals this year. Read more...

It's perhaps a bit of a cliché, but people can be a company's greatest asset. With that in mind I've been spending a large chunk of my time towards the end of the year on HR activity - ensuring alignment of skills with aspirations and strategic requirements, reviewing top talent, thinking about long-term succession planning. It all ties into excellence in execution, one of Juniper's five key objectives. Get the people right and other key objectives such as customer focus also fall easier into place. Read more...

Over the past few weeks I have visited two areas of the EMEA region that represent extremes in many respects – the United Arab Emirates and Russia. For me the most obvious contrast was the temperature difference – just about freezing and the first snow of the winter in Moscow, 30º Celsius in Dubai! Read more...

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