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About JNCIE-SP cert-id

I got the JNCIE-SP certificate throught  pass JNCIP-SP.

I found the cert-ID is different bewteen JNCIE-M and JNCIE-SP in  the certmanager.

But, I found the cert-id of JNCIE-SP is same with JNCIE-E, When I got the certificate of JNCIE-SP in the learning portal.

Which Cert-id of JNCIE-SP is right?Same with JNCIE-M or not?



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Re: About JNCIE-SP cert-id

Hi Daniel,


Yes - this is correct. Due to certain limitations within CertManager, all candidates are issued new JNCIE-SP cert ID numbers.


If you previously held a JNCIE-M, your JNCIE-SP eCertificate contains your original JNCIE-M number. This is to help differentiate that you originally earned the JNCIE-M.


On correspondence, business cards, etc. always use the lower of these two numbers. For example, if your JNCIE-M is #100 and your JNCIE-SP is #1250, display this on any correspondence as JNCIE-SP #100.




Tyler B
Juniper Networks Certification Program (JNCP)