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JNCIS Lab guide - rental labs

Dear Juniper team


i come into the same problem, that other guys posting. i have the resource to self-learning from Juniper fast track problem, but unable to practise the lab guide in the lab-guide books.


from people posting before, your answer said student need to join the Juniper class-led training.

are there any possible that, juniper will develop the rack rental for those who need the lab to practise in order to gain in depth understanding about junos.


most people have the cisco background, and they don't want to waste thier time about network theory. like for me, i think i could jump into juniper very fast, by practise more lab, and see how the network perform. i would be perfect, if juniper could provide rack rentals.


Best Regards


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Re: JNCIS Lab guide - rental labs



At the moment, Juniper does not have publically available labs for rent, but we are looking at the possibility of opening up Junosphere in the near future to students looking for a viable option to learn the OS.  In the meantime, you might want to check out offerings from Proteus or Dynamic Worldwide.  They have rack rentals and also remote-proctored labs.


If you intend on studying over the long-term, for example, perhaps you have aspirations for JNCIE... I would strongly suggest purchasing some old J-Series or even some Branch SRX devices.  These can be purchased on eBay for just a few hundred dollars a piece.  Over the long term, this would probably be a cheaper option than rack rentals, and best of all, you can sell them for a decent price when you are finished.


Good luck in your studies!

Stefan Fouant

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Re: JNCIS Lab guide - rental labs

There are companies that have lab rentals.  And there is the new Junos Sphere project.  Here is my collected list of options.

Junos Sphere

This is virtual lab that is only just released.  It is designed for training and does have SRX modules.  It does not yet support EX switch functions.  And all interfaces are ethernet.   Cost is $5 per device per day for rentals.  They are sold through the normal partner network.

Lab Rentals

There are a number of options to rent gear.

There are also vendors that provide remote lab rentals.
Carvell Group by the hour rentals

Dynamic Worldwide

Crystal Echo (Austrailia)

Proteus  proctored labs with help

Twine Networks -

Data Cipher
Amar R Kotha • We have rack of Juniper routers -9 , SRX -9. Let me know your exact requirement.

Ingram Micro

Hosts a virtual lab here at Ingram Micro (Juniper distributor of the year since 2005) If you are an Ingram Micro customer, please feel free to email a request for a lab login at

It is currently a work in progress, so any feedback is appreciated.
For further info about our growing lab:

Steve Puluka BSEET
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Re: JNCIS Lab guide - rental labs

This might help build up your Lab???....
Introduction to the Junos Operating System (IJOS)
Bracknell UK
Avnet UK
Monday, December 12, 2011 9:30 AM GMT
This course is being bundled with JRE/JSEC/JUTM and included in the price will be an SRX100H to take away.
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Re: JNCIS Lab guide - rental labs

Hi All,


I've just pased JNCIA and want to do JNCIS ENT. Are there any training LABS available. I'm from a cisco background and I'm looking for IPX or IE type labs. 

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Re: JNCIS Lab guide - rental labs


  I have be able to get jncia-junos, jncis-ent, jncis-sp and jncip-sp with few practice, and using a vmware olive (not official) if needed. Since the exams dont have a live simulation where you could be requested to configure anything, practice is not the main point to get the certification. Of course, for the real world, work, you need or real hw or a Olive to get practice and become a real jncp engineer.






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