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Lower level phased out cert renewal



i currently hold a JNCIA-EX which is to expire somewhere in summer 2012. However i intend to pass a JNCIS cert very shortly. What will become of the JNCIA-Ex after its expiration date ? Since passing a cert automatically renews the lower level certs from what i've read, will my JNCIA-EX be transfered to a renewed JNCIA-Junos ? Or will i have to repass the JNCIA-Junos ?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Lower level phased out cert renewal



Your JNCIA-EX will not renew  when you pass the JNCIS because this certification EOL'd in 2010. Also, your JNCIA-EX will not transfer to a JNCIA-JUNOS.  Passing the JNCIS will allow you to continue up that specific certification track. Please let me know if you have any more questions.



Staci Robinson
Juniper Networks Certification Program

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