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Re: non-web-based JNCIE-SP bootcamps in 2012?

Hi Liz,


The JNCIE-SP Bootcamp offered "online" by Proteus is listed on the Juniper site - so I sort of assume that Proteus is following the official book - and that they will ship it beforehand.


However, I also noticed that Proteus are selling a another JNCIE-SP Preparation Workbook, which they sell both as printed book and in electronic format.


I just want to make sure it is different products.



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Re: non-web-based JNCIE-SP bootcamps in 2012?

The workbook and our remote proctored labs are preparation materials independent of the JNCIE-SP Bootcamp that both we and Juniper offer.  Each preparation method provides the learner with a varied approach to preparing for the examination from the do-it yourselfer (preparation workbook) to the comprehensive guided preparation (bootcamp) to the final check ride (remote proctored lab). 


I hope that you'll consider these proven preparation tools when studying for your JNCIE-SP.



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Re: non-web-based JNCIE-SP bootcamps in 2012?



Thank you for checking on this.  It is always a very good idea to make sure the materials you are using to prepare for Juniper exams are authorized.


Proteus is offering the Juniper authorized JNCIE-SP Bootcamp.  That material was developed by the SME's at Juniper, including several JNCIE's and the developers of the actual JNCIE-SP exam.  It is the best prep you can use for your JNCIE-SP exam.


The workbook and remote proctored lab Proteus is also offering is another prep option - to use in conjuction with other prep.  It is not an official Juniper course and was not developed by Juniper.  However, I have heard some good things about the process - which gives you live practice time on a rack.




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