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Welcome to My Virtual Networking Reality

by Juniper Employee ‎06-19-2012 04:29 PM - edited ‎06-19-2012 04:37 PM

Welcome to my first blog! I look forward to engaging with the community and ranting sharing my thoughts on some of the areas of networking that interest me the most. One of those areas, as you might have guessed from the title, is virtualization—specifically Junosphere, which as you may know is Juniper’s cloud-based virtual networking environment.


What is a cloud-based networking environment? Well, you can read the collateral on our website, but in a nutshell Junosphere allows customers to create and run networks in the cloud, and access those networks from a standard web-browser.


If you are wondering what you can do with Junosphere, that’s a natural reaction. Usually when I’m introducing Junosphere to customers, the lightbulb really doesn’t goes off until we start talking about use cases. Because Junosphere is so flexible—you can create basically any network design you like—there are so many things you can do with it, that it can be a little daunting without specific examples.


Anyone from individual engineers to the largest service providers in the world can and do use Junosphere for a wide range of testing, design and training exercises. We have individuals studying for their JNCIE who purchase a few VM Days and find that Junosphere is a great way to practice. We also have some of the largest service providers in the world who are using Junosphere to run incredibly complicated tests, such as predeployment testing of PTX-based converged supercore network designs. And a lot of things in between.


This is just the start…. In future blogs I’ll be providing more detail on how you can use Junosphere. In the meantime, if you have or are using Junosphere – please leave your comments here and let us know.

by chaudhary
on ‎02-04-2013 11:53 PM



I have two firewall SSG 550 both is in HA & configured management Ip address but we are able to access only  one firewall by managemnet ip address other is not able to access   via management Ip address


Route is already addedd for whole Pool


debug log is showing below.


-- more ---  handle cleartext reverse route
  search route to (ethernet0/2,> in vr trust-vr for vsd-0/flag-3000/ifp-ethernet6/3
PBR lookup params: dst-ip:, src-ip:, dst-port: 245, src-port: 1, protocol: 1, dscp: 0
PBR: no route to ( in vr trust-vr


Please helpus to guide me for resolve the issue on priority.

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  • Brendan Hayes is senior product marketing manager supporting Juniper's cloud networking solutions. Brendan has been with Juniper since 2005, where he has played a key role in bringing to market some of the company’s most successful new products and solutions. Mr. Hayes has over 10 years experience in the networking industry, and prior to Juniper Brendan served a number of years in a public relations role at Sycamore Networks, a leader in intelligent optical networking. Brendan has a BA from the University of New Hampshire. In his spare time, Brendan enjoys fixing and driving old Jeeps, cars and motorcycles.
  • I am a routing technician at the UNH InterOperability Laboratory. I test both conformance and interoperability of numerous protocols, including OSPF, BGP, IS-IS, RIP, IPv4, IPv6, and others. I am a candidate for a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a minor in Computer Science. I plan on pursuing my masters degree in Computer Science at UNH after I obtain my degree. I teach piano and play basketball in my free time.
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