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Juniper Odyssey wireless client 4.8 uninstall problem

Hi all,


I found this KB article (http://kb.juniper.net/InfoCenter/index?page=content&id=KB14433&actp=search&viewlocale=en_US&searchid... on the site but the uninstall steps do not work as intended.  We no longer have a valid license with Juniper so they apparently will not help me.


Does anyone know how I can get this to uninstall silently AND without a reboot prompt?  I can get the silent switch to work, but it always prompts "Do you want to restart to finish" Yes/No afterwards.


I've tried this from CMD but it didn't work: “C:\Program Files\Juniper Networks\Odyssey Access Client\uninst.exe” /S /noreboot=1



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Re: Juniper Odyssey wireless client 4.8 uninstall problem

WLAN is probably not the best forum to track this issue. JTAC should be able to assist

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