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MX8 / 522s - New MAC laptops not handing off AP to AP

We have an issue with new MAC laptops not being able to hand off from AP to AP. 


ALL windows devices, E.G. Dells, Lenovos, Sony's, and even IOS Iphones, IPads, etc...  handoff from AP to AP on our wireless network without any problem at all.  The new MACs however do not... 


I am running a MX2 with 531s at home and don't seem to have this problem, however; with our 522 environment at the office this is a repeatable issue, and it's a pretty big one... 


Anyone else seen this behavior with new MACs or 10.7 Software? 


Oh, MX8 is upgraded to the latest version of software too.



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Re: MX8 / 522s - New MAC laptops not handing off AP to AP

I was not able to replicate this issue with our MX2800/522s and my 2 week old MBP.  We are running 7.6 on the controllers.