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At Juniper, we create state-of-the-art technologies that help our customers connect their ideas, compete, and thrive in an ever-changing world. While our innovative product and services portfolio evolves continuously, we remain committed to helping our customers improve the economics of networking with open and interoperable solutions that enable them to automate and create at scale, with agility.

In keeping with these core values, we recently joined the Linux Foundation’s Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) project.  The ONAP project unites two major open networking and orchestration projects, open source ECOMP and the Open Orchestrator Project (OPEN-O).  

The ONAP project community — which includes some of the largest network operators — is working to deliver a neutral automation platform for network, infrastructure and services across service providers, cloud providers and enterprises in today’s software-defined, virtualized era.

Our membership in ONAP reinforces our commitment to open and interoperable solutions, and we look forward to working with within the ONAP project community to deliver a unified architecture that will allow end users to design, orchestrate, automate and manage services and virtual functions.  We are excited to be part of an effort that promises to provide customers with rapid, agile service delivery options that will maximize their infrastructure investments and help them increase their profitability and competitiveness.

MX10003 Wins Top Awards at Interop Tokyo 2017

by Juniper Employee ‎06-15-2017 10:04 PM - edited ‎07-11-2017 01:12 PM

Interop Tokyo is one of Asia's largest and most prestigious network computing trade shows, and it features an expert panel that recognizes innovative products, solutions and services among hundreds of nominated submissions from around the world. This year the MX10003, a new,  cloud–scale edge router, was submitted in the Career / ISP Networking Division, and it won the top two awards: the Grand Prix award and the Best of ShowNet award.



Figure 1: Interop Tokyo 2017 Grand Prix Award Winner - MX10003 Edge RouterFigure 1: Interop Tokyo 2017 Grand Prix Award Winner - MX10003 Edge Router
Figure 2: Interop Tokyo 2017 Best of ShowNet Award Winner -  MX10003 Edge RouterFigure 2: Interop Tokyo 2017 Best of ShowNet Award Winner -  MX10003 Edge RouterThe MX10003 3D Universal Edge Router is a cloud-grade platform that delivers ultra-high density and scale, in a space and power efficient form factor. Designed to address network transformation and long-term growth, the MX10003 delivers 4.8 Tbps throughput in just three rack units (3 U), while consuming 0.8 W/Gb.


Figure 3: MX10003 3D Universal Edge RouterFigure 3: MX10003 3D Universal Edge Router

 Some key benefits of the MX10003:

  • Unprecedented capacity, throughput and density in a space and power efficient package – With 4.8 Tbps throughput, the MX10003 supports 72 10GbE, 18 40GbE and 12 100GbE interfaces, offering future-proof scale for long-term growth in a 3 U form factor.
  • Investment protection – The modular MX10003 design ensures long-term investment protection by easily accommodating future silicon innovations that will provide even greater throughput and density.
  • Operational consistency – Leveraging Junos OS and the programmable Trio chipset, the MX10003 offers advanced edge routing, telemetry and automation features that simplify network operations, improve profitability  and reduce risk. 

With its perfect blend of performance and density, space and power efficiency, and cutting-edge features, the MX10003 cost-effectively addresses the evolutionary edge and metro-Ethernet needs of the cloud era. 


Please contact me for more information, you can also refer to this presentation, product page, datasheet and FAQ. Please reach out to PLM with pricing and availability questions.

vMX on AWS: Smooth and Fast

by Juniper Employee on ‎11-29-2016 08:29 AM

vMX on AWS helps you increase your business velocity and maximize savings by maintaining operational consistency.


A New Addition to the MX2000 Family

by Juniper Employee on ‎11-04-2016 02:26 PM

I am happy to introduce a new addition to the MX2000 Series family; the MX2008, which offers the ultra-high performance and density of the MX2010 in a space optimized form factor. 


A Physical Presence at MPLS SDN NFV World Congress 2016

by Juniper Employee ‎03-17-2016 03:29 PM - edited ‎01-11-2017 08:32 PM

Last week I had the pleasure to attend MPLS SDN NFV World Congress. Once again, the event brought together some exceptional people to discuss and debate some of the most critical issues in our industry.


Amid several virtual product demonstrations that kept the Juniper booth filled to capacity throughout the week, we also showcased the MPC9E line card for the MX2000 3D Universal Edge Router family.


The New Gold Standard MPLS Resource

by Juniper Employee ‎02-17-2016 10:42 AM - edited ‎02-23-2016 07:21 AM


 When experts hare their knowledge, we benefit twice: their experience guides our professional development, their sharing is a model to emulate. Today I turn the spotlight on two network and cloud experts who are sharing their know-how with the world, Antonio ‘Ato’ Sanchez-Monge and Krzysztof Grzegorz Szarkowicz.



MX Series 3D Power Points

by Juniper Employee ‎02-10-2016 07:52 AM - edited ‎02-11-2016 09:07 AM

Juniper MX Power ConsumptionThe best presentations – and the best edge routers – tightly align with actual customer applications.


The Enduring Atlas: A Conversation with David Roy and Musings on the MX960

by Juniper Employee ‎12-16-2015 05:00 AM - edited ‎12-16-2015 03:14 PM

Enduring AtlasSeveral weeks ago, I exchanged emails with David Roy. David is a NOC Engineer at Orange France Telecom, and our discussion included a suite of MX Series 3D upgrades that were ultimately announced on December 8th.


During our conversation, David related that he was very lucky to join Orange France Telecom in 2006, because he immediately became involved in the ‘Atlas’ evaluation.


MX – The Juniper Swiss Army Knife for Mobile Networks

by Juniper Employee ‎12-15-2015 01:20 PM - edited ‎12-15-2015 01:59 PM

swiss army knifeThe role of the Juniper MX Series in mobile networking is analogous to a Swiss Army knife - a multi-disciplined tool ready to handle any problem or challenge put in front of it. It should come as no surprise to Juniper customers globally that MX is being compared to such a handy tool. Both the Swiss Army knife and the MX platform share common attributes including dependability, an excellent reputation, ease-of-use, and functional versatility. Specifically, the functional versatility of MX when used to create a consolidated solution can lead to significant CapEx and OpEx savings and new revenue-generating service opportunities for Mobile Network Operators globally.


I spoke with Jide Akintola recently; he is a former colleague that now is Head of Network Engineering and Design at TMX Atrium, a global provider of high-speed connectivity services to heavyweights in the financial services industry.  


During his tenure at Juniper, Jide consulted on many massive service provider projects, and he was also a resident engineer for several of our largest accounts. His experience covers routing, switching, security and software, and he maintains a broad set of JNCIE, JNCIS and JNCIP certifications, among many others.