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  • Mike currently acts as Senior Director of Product Strategy and Marketing for Junos Software. In this role, he is primarily responsible for defining and operationalizing strategic efforts around Juniper's flagship operating system Junos. Mike joined the company in 2001 as an internal technical trainer, developing and delivering engineering boot camp to Juniper's newest engineers. In that role, he focused on internal hardware and software architectures as well as product training. From there, Mike moved into product manager, first as the steward for Junos software and then as the head of product management for Juniper's central software development organization. Since that time, Mike has assumed a more strategy-oriented role. Managing a time horizon 3 to 5 years, Mike is responsible for Juniper's core architectural efforts, as well as emerging technologies like OpenFlow, ALTO, and PCE (combining in Juniper's answer in the SDN space).
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