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IBM PureSystems: Accelerating Cloud leveraging Juniper Networks’ QFabric and vGW Solutions

by LizKing on ‎04-10-2012 09:01 PM

Not too long ago, enterprises eagerly purchased best of breed IT components and self-integrated the pieces to create their own solution.  Software and hardware from various suppliers implemented by internal IT staff members to meet what seemed like unique requirements.   It was complex, expensive, and time consuming to complete.  Often, major IT projects came in late and over budget.  Times have changed and now enterprises must control cost, reduce time to benefit, maximize efficiency, and build agility in their IT environments. IBM’s new family of Expert Integrated Systems is the latest step forward in advanced computing for IT customers.


From the only company capable of delivering world-class software, hardware, and systems management comes an integrated computing platform, IBM PureSystems.  This new category of systems combines software, hardware, and integrated expertise into one highly automated and secure, simple-to-manage machine.  Juniper Networks was among the first group of IBM Business Partners to conduct validation testing with PureSystems.  The QFX3500 10 GbE switch, part of Juniper’s innovative QFabric data center networking system, and vGW Virtual Gateway security solution were tested for interoperability and validated for the IBM PureFlex System.  Both of these will be part of the inaugural Ready for PureSystems program. 


Cloud computing architecture places an expectation on the network to deliver satisfactory application performance.  Older networks may not be ready to meet the expectations of fast application performance.  Juniper’s QFabric delivers 5 microseconds latency end-to-end under typical loads and is managed as a single switch for a cloud data center of up to 6,144 10GbE ports.  Juniper’s vGW Virtual Gateway secures virtual machines and enforces policies in a virtualized cloud data center offering integrated physical and virtual security.  Both of these solutions can be leveraged by customers who acquire and deploy IBM’s new Expert Integrated Systems. Enterprises that are considering cloud computing owe it to themselves to understand how IBM and Juniper can uniquely help them.


After all, you want your cloud applications to run well, don’t you? Don’t leave cloud networking decisions to chance. IBM’s PureSystems family and Juniper Networks’ QFabric and vGW Virtual Gateway datacenter networking solutions help customers accelerate cloud computing initiatives with no compromise in performance, scale and security.


Final EIS Infographic 4.10.2012 US.jpgFor more information, please see the IBM PureSystems web site.

by Jonathan Coleman
on ‎04-11-2012 06:00 AM

The joint IBM - Juniper whitepaper "IBM PureFlex System and Juniper Networks cloud solutions" can be downloaded from the following link: