Getting Started with JET: Video Tutorials

by Juniper Employee on ‎05-30-2017 11:04 AM

Although there is plenty of excellent JET documentation on and even within this TechWiki (links provided below), sometimes videos do the job of getting the message across.  Our message is that this is doable.  In a recent Juniper gathering, we polled the audience and indeed found that people were already using JET.  Of course, Juniper employees have additional incentives to learn and use the new automation features within recent software releases.  This article contains four examples on how to use JET with all the links to commands, scripts, and third-party information included beneath each video.  Now, you too can get started with JET.



This can be a religious debate within your crowd or company.  Some of these reasons are technical (geographic isolation) and some may be internal politics (network people need to manage the scripts).   So, pick your poison and click on the on or off box video tutorials.



VIDEO 1: How to configure an on box JET application



Links related to the on box video above:



The next video showcases JET notifications and shows one how to subscribe to them. Our JET app (Python script) subscribes to an event broker, MQTT.  In this particular case, we are monitoring a specific interface. Any event notifications generated by this interface can be received by the app and acted upon.


 VIDEO 2: Subscribing to JET Notifications



Links related to the notification video above:



VIDEO 3: Setup your laptop for JET


























Links related to the off box installation video above:


VIDEO 4: How to setup your laptop to run Python JET apps



Links related to the off box video above:


Additional TechWiki JET Links: