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There is probably no group of companies in the infrastructure space more envied than the major cloud properties. Senior executives across the globe are actively engaged in discussions with their teams to determine how to evolve their infrastructure operations practices. They throw out words like DevOps, automation, and machine learning, all in a bid to transform their practices to be more agile and scalable. 
But some of the most foundational principles that make cloud operations work are too often overlooked.


Automation is certainly a top theme in networking. Virtually every networking vendor has automation as a key pillar in their stated strategy. Tools companies, typically oriented around server and application side automation, are seeing traction in the network engineering space. And companies who are adopting cloudy operations practices are filling up conference speaking slots globally.
But tool adoption is not really an industry-wide phenomenon. It more closely mirrors programming languages. There are different flavors, each relevant for different sets of problems. And that means the automation market will be necessarily fractured. 
So how does anyone navigate a fractured market?