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How telcos and clouds are changing open source

by Trusted Contributor ‎08-24-2017 07:44 AM - edited ‎08-24-2017 12:10 PM


There is little debate that open source is increasingly important across all of the major infrastructure areas: compute, storage, networking, and applications. But the role of open source and in some cases even the purpose are being being changed as the major drivers shift from vendors whose primary objective is to carve out a business to the very users whose infrastructures leverage the open source components and tools. 
As open source changes, it means that the surrounding landscape will have to change with it. And as with all change, this creates threats and opportunities for those who make their living in and around IT.

Organizational risk of next-generation networking

by Trusted Contributor ‎08-20-2017 08:01 PM - edited ‎08-20-2017 08:23 PM


As the emphasis in networking shifts from device management to over-the-top integrations with the move towards automation and DevOps, our network engineers will spend an increasing percentage of their time working above the devices that form the foundation of the systems over which they have dominion. This means that engineers will have to add to their already broad skillsets. 
Because of the increased emphasis on these layers of integration and automation, there will be an emerging class of network engineers whose dominant skills are not in the plumbing but rather the operational frameworks that make the plumbing work.
And therein lies the risk.