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IoT and Changing Business Models

by Trusted Contributor on ‎09-12-2017 09:00 PM


If you believe IoT enthusiasts, basically everything becomes a sensor that produces data that can be used for some application. The most straightforward business models are to either sell the sensor or sell the application. Indeed, we have seen this in everything from wearables to industrial IoT. 
But as we generate all of this data, we will see the continued emergence of data as the product. Dare I call this Data-as-a-Service?


It’s well understood that IoT is going to provide a lot of data. And that data will be used to feed applications. Machine learning will help provide the algorithms that convert that data into action. And that action is what we, the consumers, will benefit from.
This means that IoT and machine learning will need to intersect. How is that likely to happen?