wcs authentication via SBR

‎03-12-2009 07:18 AM

I'm trying to authenticate my Cisco WCS via my SBR. although my sbr sends a "access accept", I get a deny message on my WCS.


I've added the following in my return attributes.

    <attribute echo="false" multivalued="true" name="Cisco-AVPAIR" order="1" type="string" value='Wireless-WCS:task0=Configure Guest Users"/>
    <attribute echo="false" multivalued="true" name="Cisco-AVPAIR" order="2" type="string" value='Wireless-WCS:role0=LobbyAmbassador'/>
    <attribute echo="false" multivalued="true" name="Cisco-AVPAIR" order="3" type="string" value='Wireless-WCS:task1=Lobby Ambassador User Preferences'/>

but if I look at wireshark I don't see the values. any suggestions?



IC Series Unified Access Control Appliances are hardened, centralized policy servers, combining the user identity, device security state and network location gathered by the UAC Agent to create unique network access control policy per user, per session.

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