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Ambassador Insights
Introducing Colin Hostert from the Ambassador Team (Alumni)
Oct 31, 2012

Colin Hostert.jpgUp next we have Colin Hostert, our Ambassador from Grooveshark to tell us about his career start, give some advice to new Juniper users and more. Let's hear his story....


What did you want to be growing up; did you see yourself where you are now?


Captain of the Starship Enterprise 


What was your first experience with Juniper? Do you have certifications?


I started my career on the normal Cisco path until we began having serious capacity issues with a Catalyst 4500. After evaluating products from Force10, Arista, and Juniper, picking the EX lineup was an easy choice. Once we got our hands on an EX4200 and Junos there was no going back.


What advice would you give someone just getting started on Juniper products?


Get yourself a copy of the O'Reilly books on switching, security, and routing - they lay a great foundation for working with Junos. After that, try and pick up a cheap SRX and/or 2200-C on eBay and start playing with them. Having a low-end SRX and EX lets you practice the vast majority of deployment options you'll want to set up because the beauty of Juniper is that 99% of the time Junos is Junos is Junos, regardless of the platform. I would also suggest searching Google for Junos Olive.


What do you like to do when you’re not working, what do you look forward to doing on the weekend?


 I love: 


 A) Redbull vodka.

 B) Working with startups to help them grow and define their ideas into products

 C) Continually re-watching all shows ever made by Joss Whedon