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Introducing Juniper Ambassador Said van de Klundert
Sep 4, 2015

We are pleased to announce that we have a new member of the Ambassador team! A big welcome to Said van de KlundertSaid van de Klundert who comes to us from The Netherlands and is an avid blogger. Check out Said's library of blog posts and follow him on Twitter. Read on to learn more about him in this interview.


What did you want to be growing up; did you see yourself where you are now?


When I was growing up, I did not really think about what I wanted to be or do for a living. I gave several things a try and they pretty much turned out disastrous. Only after I walked into the NMC of a NOC at Ericsson did I realize what road I should travel. At that particular NOC, they were monitoring the multivendor networks of multiple service providers that handled millions of calls each day. It was mind blowing and I made sure I got to stick around and work my way up to an engineering position.


What was your first experience with Juniper? Do you have certifications?


My first experience with Juniper equipment was a merciless deep dive. Via point-to-multipoint pseudowires, various wholesale carrier connections were made redundant across multiple BRAS routers located in different datacenters. This was done using MX480s and MX80s. There were several pressing problems with PPPoE subscribers and on top of that CoS and shaping for these subscribers weren’t working. Never having touched Juniper equipment before and being the only network engineer at that time was an incredible learning experience.


Staring at the terminal on day one, getting to know the network topology and configuration, I knew instantly that this was going to be a lot of fun. I have enjoyed working with the MX ever since (also solved all the issues).


Certification wise, I recently obtained my JNCIP-SP.


What advice would you give someone just getting started on Juniper products?


Using only 1 MX allows for 15 logical systems. Be sure to figure out how this works ASAP as it allows you to build just about anything. Just lab up the things you’re interested in while reading though the some of the day one books or some of the course material. This way, you get acquainted to Junos and build up some feeling handling the equipment. No access to a spare MX? Take the vMX or try an SRX. You’d be amazed with what you can do on an SRX.



What do you like to do when you’re not working, what do you look forward to doing on the weekend?


Very recently I had a son, so spending time with him and my wife is currently at the top of my list. Apart from that, I spend my time hanging out with friends and visiting my cousin in Amsterdam going from canal to canal and from bar to bar. Every other second I have left during the week or weekend I spend entertaining myself with network related stuff.