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We are very pleased to welcome Nupur Kanoi to the Ambassador team! Nupur's advocacy spans across Twitter, and participation in many of our community activities, including Fan-of-the-Month. Nupur recently attended our NXTWORK Customer Summit and was able to connect with many of our other Ambassador team members. Although she was quite busy attending sessions and taking certification exams at NXTWORK, I also had the opportunity to meet her. It's always a pleasure to engage with our passionate users from around the world in person!


Learn more about Nupur and her experiences in this interview.


What did you want to be growing up; did you see yourself where you are now? 

Growing up, I always had an inclination towards engineering and technology. I so wanted to contribute something big but never knew which path I’d be taking for it. I’ve completed my Bachelor of engineering from Mumbai University. During my 2nd year of engineering I happened to join CCNA course and since then I started loving networking. Currently, the knowledge I possess and have been thriving to acquire will definitely help me achieve my potential and dreams.


What was your first experience with Juniper? Do you have certifications? 

The first time I got to work on Juniper products was back in 2014. MX series were the first type of devices I got to work on. I never knew I’d come this long with Juniper. Until now it’s been a splendid journey.


My Certifications:












What advice would you give someone just getting started on Juniper products? 

Day One books are the best to start with. They provide a great insight for beginners. Moreover, the J-Net Community never stays back in providing answers for any of the queries. Lastly I’ll suggest, Practice Practice and Practice.


What do you like to do when you’re not working, what do you look forward to doing on the weekend?

When not working, I’ll like scribbling thoughts into words and reading articles. On weekends I love spending time with my family and friends.

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Welcome, Nupur!

Thanks Sarah. It's my pleasure to be a part of this wonderful team.
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