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Welcome Jonas Hauge Klingenberg to the Ambassador Team
Oct 24, 2019

jonashauge_picture500.jpgWe are pleased to introduce and welcome Jonas Hauge Klingenberg to the Ambassador team! Jonas has been an active J-Net member, sharing his expertise with his peers since 2016. He enjoys volunteer work and takes part in the planning, implementation and operation of the IT-installation at the yearly Roskilde Festival, an amazing music festival with 120,000 concert goers. Read on to learm more about Jonas in this Q&A.


What did you want to be growing up; did you see yourself where you are now?
I have always had an interest in technology and engineering, disassembling things like broken/retired HIFI amplifiers, assembling my own computers and such (and breaking a few of them but that’s also learning, just the hard way 😊).


It was quite clear that I would end up doing something related to technology – but not necessarily IT networking. My main issue was actually to keep focus on education during the gymnasium and I ended up never finishing any higher education as I was offered a full-time job at a Danish Managed Hosting Provider. There I learned a lot regarding operation of Windows, Linux, databases, storage, backup, customer dialogue and of course: IP networking.


I did not expect to see myself in the position I’m in today having a lot of commercial and business-oriented dialogue founded in technology. I saw myself as the hardcore engineer who would dig down into technical details and solve issues.

I’m glad it didn’t go that path as I figured out that I really enjoy discussing and developing new solutions with like-minded people and helping others become more knowledgeable about product and solutions – and that way be able to take qualified decisions.


What was your first experience with Juniper? Do you have certifications?
My first experience with Juniper was as a potential customer back in 2010 being presented an SRX chassis cluster with routing-instances provisioned via NSM as an alternative to Check Point VSX. We did not buy in on the solution but the Junos CLI and flexibility of the platforms caught my interest and I managed to convince my colleagues to purchase and implement a few EX switches for niche projects.


The experience with the EX switches made me propose them for “campus networking” on Roskilde Festival in 2011 doing routing between switches to avoid big layer2 broadcast domains. The setup was a success and the following year it was expanded with more EX switches, SRX chassis clusters and MX routers doing a Service Provider like setup on a temporary grass field.

I currently hold the JNCIP-SEC, JNCIP-ENT, JNCIS-SP, JNCDS-SEC and JNCDS-DC certifications. The next step will probably be JNCIP-DC and/or JNCIP-SP when I have a bit of time to spare. JNCIE is not currently on the radar but if I should choose one it would probably be JNCIE-SEC.


What advice would you give someone just getting started on Juniper products?
Accept a bit steeper learning curve when operating the CLI as the structure and approach differs from other vendors but if you know your basic networking it’s not a problem.


On top I usually point people towards the Day One library together with vLabs and recommend them to invest some time learning the Junos CLI and the Juniper naming of features, so they can find the relevant configuration guides afterwards.


At last I usually mention my opinion on Juniper’s Web UI management tools based on Space or just on-box J-Web. People exploring new products tend to like clicking through a GUI and historically these have not been on par with other vendors from a usability perspective. You should be prepared to work with the CLI or do automation with e.g. Ansible.


Some learn to embrace the Junos CLI and architecture - others move on to different vendors… but I tend to convince the majority that Juniper can provide flexible and scalable solutions.


From a personal perspective I really hope the acquisition of Mist with its AI engine and modern sleek WebUI will show a path for the rest of the Juniper products as this is really missing for the Enterprise market.


Tell us about a typical day at work. What are some of your daily routines?
Working for a distributor a lot of my days are spent helping colleagues and partners design solutions or validate scenarios in our local lab – especially when you have to reuse existing equipment from other vendors (that’s where the fun and challenging tasks shows up!). These dialogues are both local to Denmark but often extends into the neighboring Nordic countries.


Time is also spent discussing go to market strategies with our vendors trying to alter solutions to fit the local market as the Nordics business customer are very small (95% of businesses in Denmark have less than 50 employees). Especially with Juniper this can be a challenge as many solutions are initially too big for this kind of market.


Occasionally I also do special tailored Juniper education with self-made study materials for partners and customers to raise their knowledge on the Juniper portfolio and its possibilities.


Finally, I try to reserve time every week to keep myself updated on what goes on in the networking community. And then I’m having trouble staying away from the J-Net forum, so I end up posting both during business hours and evenings/weekends if time allows it… 😉

What do you like to do when you’re not working, what do you look forward to doing on the weekend?
Living together with my wife and two boys obviously take most of my free time. Both my boys are very active soccer players so supporting their interest reserves almost all weekdays afternoons and weekends. One to two times a week I try to participate in cross-fit training together with colleagues and some running by myself.


Besides the family I enjoy doing voluntary work and being a part of the local society. I currently do jury duty 4-5 times a year, am Vice Chairman on the school board where my kids go to school and since 2007 been a very active part of the planning, implementation and operation of the IT-installation of Roskilde Festival. A music festival with 120,000+ participants where 30,000 volunteers are the main workforce. I simply love the way that so many people with completely different backgrounds and experience work together towards a common goal with no possibility to postpone the deadline – the 1-2 weeks used on the ~6 km^3 grass field gives a mental kick every year.

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