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DSCP Markings / WXC Packet Capture

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‎08-12-2010 10:59 AM

I have telnet in a traffic class called Business Critical (DSCP 26 - AF31) on our WXC1800. When I run the packet capture option on the WXC and review with Wireshark, I dont see the DSCP markings in the packets...? Am I seeing the data before it's being marked by WXC? Trying to understand why the packets aren't being marked. Our MPLS carrier looks for this marking and prioritizes the traffic.

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Re: DSCP Markings / WXC Packet Capture

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‎08-13-2010 01:29 AM



Are you trying to preserve an existing DSCP coming from the LAN side or are you applying the DSCP in the WXC QoS config?


When you start the packet capture in WXOS it will default capture packet on the "Local" port. If you are trying to add the DSCP in the WXC QoS settings you will not see the DSCP marking on the Local side of the WXC. You need to look at the capture on the "Remote" port. Just remember on the Remote side of the WXC the traffic normally goes into a "tunnel"/meta packet so you will not see the original Src/Dst IP address and ports.


By default we normally use UDP 3577 (check tunnel mode in Compression/Advanced/Tunnel Mode menu) to encapsulation the meta frames. So you need to look for packets on the remote side of the WXC appliance with the Src/Dst IP address of the sending/receiving WXC + UDP 3577.