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DX 3200

‎11-17-2009 11:12 AM

Have a test setup monitoring one server in one cluster group. It appears that the heatlh check is still quering the server every second. We have it set to the following:


Check Interval  3600 seconds  Connection Timeout  2 seconds



Any thoughts on why this would be occurring? The DX is bare minmum in configuration.



Application Acceleration

Re: DX 3200

‎11-18-2009 09:16 AM

This will be due to DX having two mux processes running which handle the traffic processing.  Each needs to perform it's own health checking of the targets so each generates a check every 2 seconds.  If you set the interval to a higher value, you should see two checks in that period.

If you do a 'show system debug' you will see it lists data for Server-0 and Server-1 - these are the two mux processes.