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Destination IP Address truncated when we run "show configuration" command from CLI

‎06-29-2010 02:59 PM

In JWOS 6.0R1.12, when we run "show configuration" command from Command Line Interface, the destination IP Address shows partial IP Address under routes section as below:

WX->show configuration

******* Route ******
Precedence: static
Router load balancing policy for equal-cost routes: off
ToS marking for router-based load balancing: tos-default
IToS marking policy for router-based load balancing: per-destination
ICMP Redirect Ageout Interval: 10
ICMP TTL Response: on
ICMP Redirect Ignore: off

Number of routes: 5
Destination Next Hop Metric 1000 1000 1000 1000  <-- first octate truncated 1000

The workaround solution to display proper IP Addresses under routes section is to check configuration through WebUI --> Admin --> Display COnfiguration or run the following command from Command Line Interface:

show routing-options static route



Hope the above is informative.