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Issue about compression subnet

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‎11-21-2011 07:56 PM



I am new to this group and would like to ask a question about the compression subnet.


Our deployment is like this


[LAN A] --- [Juniper WXC-500 A] --- [Router A] --- [MPLS] -- [Router B] --- [Juniper WXC-500 B] --- [LAN B] --- [Internet]


We would like to have http traffic going to and from the internet begin processed by the 2 Juniper WXC but we can't have the compression subnet begin listed in WXC-500 B. So essentially, all the http traffic are now passed between the two junipers as pass-through traffic.


Is this deployment scenario possible?

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Re: Issue about compression subnet

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‎11-22-2011 08:23 AM
Hello....welcome to the forum. Its quite easy actually, on the wxc-a under compression you define WXC-b as the 'default-assember'.....this then will send ALL data from the remote site to the core in the optimization tunnel.

Now be aware.....we do not reccomend trying to optimize web traffic with the http acceleration feature....doing basic compression/BSC caching/tcp acceleration is GENERALLY ok but it can create issues depending on how the link is from tour core network to the do not turn on http acceleration at the remote location. It is designed to http accelerate intranet appear could define an app specked to your internal Network and accelerate that....ensure it has a higher precedence than the default http definition.....
Danny Jump
Technical Marketing Manager - Access and Acceleration Business Unit
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Re: Issue about compression subnet

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‎11-25-2011 12:08 PM


In addition to what Danny said, please be aware that all WXC boxes except WXC250 have a flow limit of 65521 flows. WXC250 has 32729 flow limit (if memory serves).

What happens when this limit is exceeded is that WXC starts to remove least-recently-used flow entries from its flow table to make room for newly-arrived unique flows. This means that previously-TCP-accelerated applications which were idle for a while could suddenly find themselves stalled/unable to send/receive data since WXC deleted all flow data including all flow acceleration info.

Since you plan to accelerate Internet traffic, depending on how chatty are your clients, this flow limit can easily be exceeded with only a few hundred clients.






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