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Terminal Services SSL Acceleration and Juniper SSL VPN

08.17.09   |  
‎08-17-2009 03:16 AM

Having seen the discussion with Dimitri & Danny regarding optimising MSTS using SSL encryption, I have a question.


Using SSL Encryption, so  that we can acelerate the flow using the SLL feature in WX requires MSTS Clients version 5.2 or 6.0


We use a Juniper SSL VPN (Currently Version 6.4R2) for many of our MSTS  sessions when working remotely.


What Client version is implemented with the SSL VPN?

If I follow the recommendations and configure for High Encryption with SSL, will that work with my Juniper SA2000 SSL VPN?


I would like to try and implement this internally so that we can test it, and then hopefully recommend it to our Juniper WX customers, using MSTS.


Many thanks




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Re: Terminal Services SSL Acceleration and Juniper SSL VPN

08.18.09   |  
‎08-18-2009 11:59 AM



I'm not sure I follow what your trying to achieve here with the SA and the WXC. can you expand a little, may be I'm just being dumb Smiley Happy


FYI we use RDP6.0 on the later version of the SA.

Danny Jump
Technical Marketing Manager - Access and Acceleration Business Unit