Application Acceleration
Application Acceleration

There is no associated discover command to revert no-discover in 6.0R2.3

‎09-30-2010 01:53 PM

We have a command to disable discovery on specific IP or all using no-discover. Howver, there is no associated discover command to enable the discovery again.


Below is the CLI syntax:

WX->config set adjacency peer-address all ?
config set adjacency peer-address all All peer WX boxes



no-discover                                Disable auto discovery

WX->config set adjacency peer-address ?

config set adjacency peer-address IP-Address of the peer box


hello-freq                                   Configure hello frequency interval (in secs)
no-discover                               Disable auto discovery
no-service                                 Disable service for an adjacency
reset                                          Time after which this adjacency will be deleted

The associated discover command to revert "no-discover" command is added in 6.1R1 and 6.2R1. So an upgrade to these versions would resolve this issue.