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WX Platform and Maximum Licensing

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‎04-23-2012 09:37 AM

What happens with the WX platforms when the link between two particular devices is faster than the highest available license that the platforms can run?

In my case, I have two WXC500 devices on each end of a private DS3. I currently only have a 6 mbps license and am looking at my upgrade options. The fastest license available for the WXC500 is 20 mbps, which is also listed as the maximum speed for that platform. The link between the two devices is 45 mbps, well above the 20 mbps which is the highest license I can purchase, and enough that "license throughput exceeded" messages are a normal part of life for me with the 6mbps license.

If I purchase the upgrade to 20 mbps, then will the WX platforms decide (1) since I've got the highest license available, it will give me as much acceleration as the hardware can do without "license throughput exceeded" messages or will it decide (2) since the license is 20 mbps and the throughput between the devices is 45 mbps then the platform will do "license throughput exceeding" just like it currently does with 6 mbps?

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Re: WX Platform and Maximum Licensing

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‎04-23-2012 10:26 AM

The license is 20MB - any traffic that exceeds that value will not get compressed and you will get the license error message.

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