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WXC Client has no effect

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‎07-27-2009 07:28 AM


here is TOP:


FTP Server ----WXC 3400 (JWOS 6.0) ------ISG1000(6.0r8)------Internet-----NAT device-------Switch--------Client(Windows XP SP3

                                                                                                                                                                                      WXC client

                                                                                                                                                                                netscreen-remote 9.0)


FTP server ip:

WXC ip: 

ISG inside ip :


remote client ip:


remote clinet use netscreen-remote vpn client to connect ISG 1000 inside subnet  by vpn tunnel.


the isg 1000 policy:

  • From Trust    to       Untrust  :

         to  Diul-up VPN   any any


  • From Untrust to Trust

                    Diul-up VPN  to any any


when vpn tunnel was established ,Betweent WXC   and wxc client has no NAT,they can use real ip address to visit each other .       

WXC client also can  connect  wxc3400  establish channel (WXC use default config,TCP,NSC,CIFS was enabled)

BUT,When client download file from FTP server,it has no acceleration effect.


Could you give me some point to solve,Thanks very much.

Sorry for my bad english.




Best regards







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Re: WXC Client has no effect

07.28.09   |  
‎07-28-2009 12:56 PM

Can you please ensure that the ISG is not removing the TCP Option fields. We use this to flag the flow with TCP OPT38, if this is removed any any part of the 3-way handshake optimisation will not occur.


That apart I'm assuming you have configure and loaded the client software under the WX Client options, enabled adjacencies to be formed? 

Danny Jump
Technical Marketing Manager - Access and Acceleration Business Unit