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WXC / EMC Avamar and Networker / backups fail

‎11-05-2009 09:41 AM

We are doing a WXC POC and the one application that is failing is backups using EMC Networker and EMC Avamar.  We have defined each one as a separate application on WXC's so we can see the traffic for those hosts.  The Networker job starts but at the point data transfer would happen, the job fails.


Should Avamar and / or Networker be excluded from compression, NSC, acceleration, etc? 





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Re: WXC / EMC Avamar and Networker / backups fail

‎11-11-2009 11:58 AM

I'm not 100% familiar with these EMC apps, I'm pretty well experienced with srdf / recover point.


My advise would be to initial leave the apps in compression (MSR) and disable the caching (nsc) if it still fails take the app out of PFA.  BUT, my experience is that most apps like these work very well and gain huge benefit from wan optimization.

Danny Jump
Technical Marketing Manager - Access and Acceleration Business Unit