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WXC vs Junos Pulse App Acceleration

01.30.12   |  
‎01-30-2012 11:38 PM

Hi, does anyone know what the future value for the WXC as a product holds?

I have noticed that using Junos Pulse and the MAG gateway application acceleration is now moving to these device platforms, yet what about the legacy low speed links that the WXC accelerates?

Another way of stating my question is; what about the traditional point-2-point optimisation between appliances and not appliance/client architecture?

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Re: WXC vs Junos Pulse App Acceleration

04.02.12   |  
‎04-02-2012 10:54 AM

Bump. We have the same question here with some people out in the bush on a BGAN SATCOM unit with teeny tiny throughput.

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Re: WXC vs Junos Pulse App Acceleration

04.02.12   |  
‎04-02-2012 05:26 PM

Juniper has not responded publically to requests for clarification on the status of the site to site WX boxes. A keen observer would also notice that there has been no real code development done in months (years?) and no product announcements in forever also.


One could draw some conclusions about the future of the site to site product if they thought about all that is not said out loud. I love the WX boxes and was  involved with selling and supporting them as a reseller almost since day one when they were Perebit (long before Juniper bought them). They certainly work very well but I see no future (IMHO).



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