Application Acceleration
Application Acceleration


‎02-03-2009 07:14 PM



We have hub and spoke topology  where central site one wxc-590 stack and remote sites two number of juniper4350 with ISM 200 module.


There are 23 remote sites.


So we received total 23 authorization code and 23 RTU licenses. But we have total 46 j4350 with ISM. When i spoke to Juniper, they said that there are 23 active license and 23 passive license. 


Please explaing me about these license part.


BoQ is following for WAN accelerator.



A J-4350 for 23 Remote Locations in HA Mode with compression module     1 J-4350-JB-DC-N-TAA J4350, 256MB CF, 1GB RAM, Hw-Encryption, 0 PIM cards, DC PSU, NEBS, w/JUNOS - NEBS and TAA Compliant 46 2 JX-2E1-RJ48-S 2 Port E1 PIM with integrated CSU/DSU - Spare 46 3 JX-ISM-200-WXC WXC ISM 200 for J2320, J2350, J4350 and J6350, incl. RTU SW License to 512 Kbps 46 4 WXOS-ISM200-512K-4 Upgrade a JX-ISM-200-WXC from 512Kbps to 4Mbps 23

C Juniper WXC-590 Stack to support 155Mbps at Central Location     1 WXC590-STACK-C WXC590 Stack, includes WX100C, 3 WXC590s, RTU SW License to 155Mbps






Application Acceleration

Re: license

‎03-19-2009 03:07 AM

Can you detail more about the exact issue you are having? I am not sure what do you need explained.


If this is an urgent issue with licensing that needs to be solved by Juniper, I would suggest opening a Customer Care case instead of using the forums. See this link for details on how to do this: