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3 Reasons to Vote for OpenContrail Proposals to OpenStack Summit
Feb 20, 2014



You are a fan of Napoleon Dynamite and you either own or secretly thought about buying the “Vote for Pedro” T-Shirt. Pedro is one of Contrail Systems’ founding engineers who is wickedly smart and has worked for companies like Juniper, Google and Cisco, and were it not for Pedro, we would not have had all these proposals to talk about OpenContrail and OpenStack. Gosh! Now you really get your chance to “VOTE FOR PEDRO”! Note, it is Pedro Marques instead of Pedro Sanchez.

So you can complain! If you love to complain in order to see changes, voting is for you. People who have evaluated OpenContrail, including engineers from AT&T, NTT, Mixi and more have really loved how OpenContrail as an OpenStack Neutron plugin has simplified their lives compared to the VLAN and even OVS aproaches. By voting for these sessions you can get a chance to hear about a different and better option, and have hope for change.



You just want OpenStack Networking to work with minimal configuration and manual monitoring, ideally no debugging and trouble shooting at all, so you can focus on running your applications in a secure, reliable, and highly available infrastructure hassle-free.


Voting for OpenContrail sessions is easy, just click on each of the links below to see the descriptions and then click on “Would love to see this” option on the top right corner of the page, you won’t miss the orange box. To vote, you need to be an OpenStack member, but registration will only take you 1 minute!


Here you go:



  • (Vote Here) Breaking the East-West Barrier: How to Combine a Flat Network, Security, Manageability and Killer Performance in Openstack (Pedro Marques, Przemyslaw Grygiel)
  • (VOTE HERE)Seamless Cloud Interconnect beyond DC boundaries over the WAN ( Speaker: Chloe Ma ) 
  • (VOTE HERE)Hassle-free networking for Openstack Cloud Operators, Priceless! ( Speaker: Chloe Ma ) 

  • (VOTE HERE)OpenStack+Contrail…Simplifying NFV for service provider networks ( Speaker: Bruno Rijsman ) 
  • (VOTE HERE)OpenContrail: Open source network coding for OpenStack ( Speaker: Bruno Rijsman ) 

  • (VOTE HERE) Close the Service Provisioning Loop with Big Data for the Infrastructure ( Speaker: Chloe Ma ) 

  • (VOTE HERE) Bridge Virtualization and Security with OpenStack and Contrail ( Speaker: Chloe Ma ) 

I am also very excited to add a new session here proposed by OpenContrail Community's January 2014 Spotlight Developer – Noel Burton-Krahn from Piston Cloud:


  • (VOTE HERE) Creating host interfaces into virtual networks using OpenContrail ( Speaker: Noel Burton-Krahn )

 There are even more OpenStack topics proposed from Juniper's Cloud Ecosystem, check them out!


Vote for OpenContrail, and all your wildest dreams will come true.