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Access to free marketing support accelerates for hundreds of Juniper Partners
May 7, 2015

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Over the past six months Juniper Partners have heard a lot about our New Juniper Marketing Concierge (JMC) programme. In February, after collecting results from a number of pilots globally, we successfully launched a new platform for the program which can be accessed using your Partner Center logon at


A key feature of the new platform is the free campaign launcher which makes it easy to customise and launch co-branded Juniper Campaigns:


  • All-in-one lead nurture CRM
  • High level analytics
  • Automated social media
  • Searchable collateral library
  • Single pane view
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Free to use for members of the Juniper Partner Advantage program


Last month (April 2015) saw the launch of the full JMC marketing support program in EMEA delivered by the new JMC EMEA Marketing Team – Alexandra, Igor and Ramzi. Each team member looks after a defined geography and as they are all fluent in at least 4 languages they can offer support in multiple languages.


Last week I was with the team in Bucharest, learning more about the support they offer and the response they are receiving from Partners.


  • EMEA Partners have already built 52 integrated campaigns using the JMC campaign launcher. Those who were quick off the mark to create and launch campaigns are already starting to see leads convert to opportunities with over $1M pipeline reported.
  • Our Branch Security campaign has been particularly popular with Partners and accounts for 40% of the campaigns built by EMEA Partners who see a great opportunity for our SRX products. Partners wishing to run a future Branch Security Campaign are highly advised to attend our Learning Academy Webinar “Grow your Next Generation Firewall Business” live on Thursday May 14 and available after to watch on-demand in the past webinars listing.
  • Campaigns available to launch in our JMC campaign launcher are normally best suited to a target audience of more than 1,000 contacts. Our Network Virtualisation campaign is proving to be an exception to this rule and the team have seen some strong successes from well targeted lists with less than 100 contacts.
  • Partners are clearly able to recognise that Juniper is in a great position to win opportunities in the Data Center. More than half the campaigns built so far have included messaging that is focused on the Data Center audience.


There is no doubt in my mind that the JMC Marketing Specialist Team will enable our Partners to deliver excellence in Partner Marketing Execution. They are already experts in how to launch integrated multi-touch email and social media campaigns that are available for Partners to customise and co-brand using our new JMC Platform. Last week whilst I was with them they started training on more of the tools Juniper makes available to Partners via the JMC, including:


  • Telemarketing Bureau Service
  • Web Content Syndication
  • Partner Case Studies
  • Commercial Acceleration Days
  • Partner Locator
  • Video & Collateral Production


It is clear that demand for this service will be high and those Partners who engage early with the team will be best placed to capitalise on the support they can offer. Click here to discover more and use this form to request a bespoke JMC training webinar for your marketing team.


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Northern Europe: Igor Turcanu,, +40 31005 1447 (English)
Southern Europe: Ramzi Gharbi,, +40 31005 1209 (French & English)
DACH: Alexandra Georgescu,, +40 31 005 1176 (German, English & French)
MEA: Ramzi Gharbi,, +40 31 005 1209 (Arabic & English)
UK&I: Alexandra Georgescu,, +40 31 005 1176 (English)
RESE: Igor Turcanu,, +40 31005 1447 (Russian, Romanian & English)

Jun 30, 2015

Hi Louise,


Are there any Dutch Telesales agents available through JMC?