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Contain Yourself…with Juniper Contrail
Mar 2, 2016

Containers are hot right now—so hot that they will soon be the focal point of all discussions surrounding the deployment of cloud services.


So what makes containers so attractive?  Let’s consider their key advantages:


  • They are light: Unlike virtual machines (VMs), multiple containers can share a single OS, making them much more efficient and lightweight.
  • They are good for microservices: The lightweight approach enabled by containers is particularly beneficial for enterprises implementing microservices architectures, where applications running small, independent processes communicate using language-agnostic APIs.
  • They are agile: The microservices enabled by containers are small, highly decoupled and focused on small tasks, enterprises can easily modify, move and/or delete them without affecting the application.


Clearly, containers open up a whole new world of possibilities.  But before we get carried away with their potential to change service creation and rollout, let’s pause for a moment and think about container networking—connecting them on a common system that allows them to talk to each other.


Also, because of the lightweight approach they enable, the number of containers can be larger and more numerous than VMs.  They can also be short lived, moved around frequently, and orchestrated and managed by tools like Kubernetes.  All this translates into greater complexity.


Don’t Give Up!

Don’t let this intimidate you.  Juniper has an answer.  Our Contrail solution provides a container networking component to Kubernetes, isolating networks for security and enabling pods (the smallest deployable units that can be created, scheduled and managed) to be attached to a network.  Contrail also does load-balancing across pods. 


In addition, for environments in the process of transitioning to containers, Contrail supports heterogeneous virtualization environments for networking different compute vehicles.  This means containers can seamlessly co-exist alongside VMs and bare metal servers indefinitely.


Juniper with Contrail have made sure no one has any excuse for not transitioning to containers.  Moving forward, we are your trusted container-network provider.


Learn more by visiting Juniper in Booth 10 at KubeCon Europe in London March 10-11.  We’ll be happy to explain what Contrail can do for you!




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