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Continuing to Strengthen Our Ties: Juniper Networks and Netronome Offer Dramatic Performance Increase for Cloud Workloads
Oct 25, 2016

From higher performance optimization to seamless orchestration and a reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO), customers (telco or cable operators, enterprises or SaaS/IaaS providers) are making their requirements for advanced networking capabilities clear. As these customers continue to adopt virtualized (and containerized) applications as well as virtualized network functions (VNFs), Juniper Networks is delivering sophisticated and comprehensive networking capabilities within its Contrail product family to address these needs around the globe. In an effort to enable even greater performance for cloud workloads, we are collaborating with Netronome, a leading provider of high-performance intelligent networking solutions. Through this collaboration, we are providing customers with the ability to pack a greater amount of workloads on a given server, enabling them to acquire and operate a fraction of the servers while increasing performance, resulting in reduced Capex and Opex spending.


This year at the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona, we are looking forward to showcasing Contrail’s advanced capabilities with Netronome, which enable dramatic improvements to cloud workload performance as well as increase network traffic performance up to 5X; while at the same time saving on the number of deployed servers.


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Today, virtualized and containerized workloads can run in a cloud environment and utilize the sophisticated and comprehensive networking services and features offered by Contrail. These services include, but are not limited to, service chaining, quality of service (QoS), distributed DDI (DNS, DHCP, IPAM), distributed security policies and security groups, load balancing and analytics. With this innovative collaboration between Netronome’s select hardware and Contrail networking software, the same workloads can further benefit from higher traffic performance in the form of accelerated packets per sec (pps) and lower latency.


To accomplish this boost in performance, the collaboration provides an offload mechanism that allows for a combination of the Contrail networking software features and the deployment flexibility required by data center operators today. Specifically, with the potential integration of Netronome’s Agilio Platform and Contrail Networking software, the solution can transparently offload Contrail’s virtual routing data path processing for networking functions to the Agilio Platform, thereby freeing up CPU cores that would otherwise have been used for processing data packets. These freed-up CPU cores can now perform other compute intensive tasks, enabling a greater amount of workloads to be deployed per server.


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Additionally, since the network traffic is handled by hardware, it results in superior packets per second (pps) and latency performance. The implementation of Contrail with standard Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK), Single Root Input/Output Virtualization (SR-IOV), and hardware-based efficiencies on the programmable Agilio platform also intends to enable fast deployment of new features, without compromising hardware-based performance and efficiencies. Furthermore, with Netronome’s new XVIO technology, operators can benefit from hardware independence and VM mobility without sacrificing performance.


We, at Juniper, are thrilled to address the needs of cloud and network operators, who have always had the need for high-performance networks with significant scale, without compromising security capabilities for cloud environments. The Contrail and Netronome collaboration will now allow customers to achieve superior performance while leveraging the networking and security features and capabilities necessary to operate their private, hybrid and telco clouds.


The latest Contrail developments and our work with Netronome will be showcased at the Juniper Networks booth, #B20 in the MarketPlace Expo Hall, during the OpenStack Summit on October 24 – 27, 2016 in Barcelona. A full list of Juniper activities during the show can be found here.