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Contrail Joins List of CitrixReady Software with Citrix CloudPlatform 4.3 Release
Mar 26, 2014

I'm happy to follow up on the announcement of Juniper's partnership with Citrix and integration effort between Juniper Networks Contrail and Citrix CloudPlatform, powered by open source projects OpenContrail and Apache CloudStack respectively. Today, with the advent of the CloudPlatform 4.3 release, Contrail joins the CitrixReady program and marketplace.


Chances are unless you're a frist-time reader of our SDN Era blog, you already know why Contrail is an imperative for production- and carrier-grade cloud networking. To see for yourself (teaser vid attached and youtube to follow later) first hand how our integration with CloudPlatform boosts simplicity, openness and agility for your cloud infrastructure on CloudPlatform, visit our CitrixReady page and come see us in person in the OpenContrail booth at CloudStack Collaboration Conference (part of ApacheCon North America) in Denver April 9-11, 2014. We'll be there on behalf of Juniper, but also OpenContrail, recognizing that cloud infrastructure developers, as well as users, that are sold on open source solutions, want a first-class networking solution that provides equally as much openness with respect to codebase as open interfaces, increasing innovation and decreasing vendor lock-in (more on that in my previous blog).


Milan Markovic, Contrail Product Manager, will also be leading a conference session on hybrid cloud which is becoming a reality as IP-enabled network virtualization and network service delivery across interoperable and federated tenant networks continues to accelerate.


Always happy to plug events, but on a more techie note this integration is bringing the Contrail Controller together with the CloudStack management server through use of a new Juniper Contrail plug-in that will orchestrate the Contrail controller through its RESTful API (we recommend running the Contrail Controller it on its own VMs to scale out separate from the management server). The corresponding piece of Contrail is the vRouter which has in fact long-supported KVM as well as Xen (runs in dom0) which is commonly used with CloudStack. We'll be putting the other hypervisors through their paces with CloudStack in the upcoming quarters. Here's a shopping list of other features you might expect if you know CloudStack and Contrail:

  • Isolated Networks
  • Management Networks
  • Public Networks
  • VPC
  • ACLs
  • Service Chaining
  • 1:1 Static NAT (Floating IPs) and Source NAT through Juniper Firelfy Perimeter (colloquially the vSRX) 
  • Provisioning and installation through Contrail fabric scripts
  • Contrail Analytics and WebUI
  • DevCloud

Starting with Citrix CloudPlatform 4.3 we're delighted to be counted in to the Citrix Cloud Ecosystem Partner Solutions. Einstein made C-squared famous, and now Contrail + CloudPlatform are bringing the speed of light to cloud infrastructure.

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