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Enabling Partners to Add Value throughout the Networking Lifecycle
Oct 30, 2014

If you are a Juniper partner, I hope you saw the recent announcement of Partner Premium Enablement – PPE for short. If not, be sure you read Bob Salzwedel’s blog posting. It gives the details on the four different modules that can be mixed and matched to fit your company’s business model. If you are in the Partner Support Specialist program, you should be looking closely at PPE. I believe it is a major step forward in Juniper’s commitment to our partners and their place in the customer’s networking lifecycle (for more on the lifecycle, see my blog here, or this video). Customer projects don’t start and end with the purchase of hardware or software; partners are perfectly positioned to be there as the project is conceived, help the customer choose the right products to create a complete solution, then stay with the customer once the solution goes into production. And a production network is exactly where your investment in PPE will pay off.


At Juniper we talk about three phases of the networking lifecycle: Plan, Build, and Operate. PPE primarily addresses the operate phase, and it is based on a simple idea: you have experienced, skilled experts – why not provide them with Juniper tools, methodologies, skills and information to make them even more valuable? By investing in enhancing your Juniper skills with one or more of the PPE modules, you can use internal Juniper methods and resources others do not have access to. This is extra value that you can sell to your customers to help them grow, evolve and strengthen their networks. Or perhaps these become value-added services that distinguish you from other network integrators. Or you roll them into your existing offerings to increase their value. Regardless of how you use it, the added value of PPE gives you a very real point of differentiation.


This brings up another point that I think is important to mention here. You may have heard Juniper’s CEO Shaygan Kheradpir talk about co-creation: today’s customers respond to vendors that go beyond just selling them what is on the shelf to actually developing something new, together. This concept of co-creation also applies to our relationship with our partners: with PPE, Juniper works with you to co-create new offerings for your customers. This benefits you, it benefits Juniper, and it especially benefits our customers.


I have put together a short video (below) and a Point of View document about the importance of partners when it comes to the lifecycle of customers’ projects. Both are aimed at customers. Make sure your customers watch the video, and give them the document (it is only three pages long). They will see how important partners are to Juniper.


And talk to your Juniper Service Partner Manager or Partner Account Manager about how Premium Partner Enablement can even further enhance your importance to your customers.

Nov 3, 2014
Juniper Employee

That is correct Joe, PPE was designed with partners to enable our partners to integrate the unique advantages of Juniper’s Advanced Services into a tailor made partner led service. PPE enhances the partner value by providing Advanced Services intellectual property and consultative support to enable the partner to deliver a higher quality service to their end customers..