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Great News on the Python "Junos PyEZ" Project
Mar 27, 2014

Hi All,


I'm really pleased to announce that I've got a couple of new members to the development team working on the "Junos PyEZ" project: Rick Sherman and Nitin Kumar.  Rick's background includes a lot of cool "Cloud and DevOps" tools, in additon to programming. Nitin's background includes expertise in Python (amongst other languages) as well as production grade tool development.  Together these guys are working on an automated continuous integration test framework ("CI") for the PyEZ.  This CI system will follow standard DevOps best practices and use common tools like Jenkins and Travis-CI. First and foremost this means we will stregthen the automated testing for code development and community contributions  But it also means I get to learn more about these tools, and share that knowledge with the broader community. 


Also - we've also been migrating a lot of content over to the Juniper TechWiki.  If you haven't seen it, please do check it out:  There's a lot more there than the Junos PyEZ project docs.  


Thank you all for the interest and support on the Junos PyEZ project!