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Highlights from Juniper’s Webcast “The Private Cloud is Open”
Oct 19, 2014

Private clouds are transforming IT organizations and an increasing number of enterprises are embracing the opportunities cloud computing provides.  For those companies looking to embark on a journey to the cloud,  Jonathan Davidson’s session entitled, “Lock In. Or Look Forward.” addressed how companies can avoid vendor lock-in when choosing a cloud infrastructure vendor; the value of openness, intelligence and best-in-class solutions for cloud networking and security; and how Juniper is leading  a simple, evolutionary and non-disruptive path to the private cloud.


Jonathan’s session explained that companies  have the option to choose legacy technology that will lock them into another generation of proprietary forklift upgrades or choose Juniper for simple, open, and smart solutions. Since the announcement of MetaFabric Architecture about a year ago, there have been enhancements including:


  • Cloud Analytics Engine
  • Security Intelligence Platform
  • Virtual Chassis Fabric Enhancements
  • New Validated Architectures


Following Jonathan’s presentation, Mike Marcellin moderated a panel with Juniper customers including Hess Corporation, Symantec and InterCloud who shared their experience with building their private cloud and the positive experiences they had with Juniper’s private cloud solutions. Notable comments from our customers focused on Contrail’s performance, scalability, and ease of use when plugging into OpenStack. They spoke candidly about the challenging IT cultural changes that come with the journey to the cloud.


To learn more about our enhancements to MetaFabric and our customers journey to the cloud with Juniper, please see our webcast here


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