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How Juniper Is Helping Make A Self-Driving Network A Reality
Nov 20, 2017

Think back—way back—to the days when, if you had to get from point A to point B, you simply walked. Then along came the bicycle, and the journey got a little easier.  Next came the horse and buggy, followed by the automobile.  There you have it: the history of transportation in less than 200 words. 


So what’s next?  Given the modern proclivity to automate and simplify everything, the next logical step along this continuum is, rather than you driving the car, the car will drive you.   After all, we live in a time where we won’t even consider doing something unless it requires little to no effort. Lazy? I call it smart. I call it innovative. I call it looking at a process and finding ways to make it more efficient and dependable.



Enter Juniper’s vision of a Self-Driving Network—the very definition of efficiency and dependability. The Self-Driving Network minimizes human interaction while eliminating the complex programming and management tasks needed to run your infrastructure. When certain operational tasks are removed from the equation, your costs will drop while security, operational efficiency, and reliability improve.


What brings us closer to this vision are automation and programmability—technologies that, when combined with other Juniper solutions, results in an autonomously operating network.


There are endless possibilities with Juniper automation. I would like to invite you to explore some use cases that Juniper’s network automation has to offer and hear Juniper CTO Kireeti Kompella describe the road to the Self-Driving Network in a recent Packet Pushers Podcast.