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How to make your investments in automation and virtualization pay dividends
Oct 30, 2015

SDN NFVA few weeks ago, I attended SDN Open World Congress. Refreshingly, the conference was attended by 1,500 delegates, excluding exhibitors, and was well-attended by service providers and their customers versus the vendor fest we get accustomed to seeing at some of these shows.


Still fresh in my mind are some of the topics discussed at the show. The net-net, I believe that in a couple of years we’ll all look back and see how new business models enabled by automated service creation changed the industry. Today, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are looking at new markets they could not previously address. Equally important is the expansion of new services to increase value with their existing customers. Tackle these pressures with a more cost-effective execution model--not an easy task!


Last year, the discussions circled around openness and proof of concepts and, at that time, Juniper was already well ahead of the curve. While other vendors demonstrated POCs, Juniper was focused on enabling CSPs with best-of-breed components to pursue live deployments.


This year, a big trend was around trials and case studies, but I found they lacked focus on the economics of virtualization. Many vendors made big claims around savings and revenues, but with no clear line into how to capture these savings. Initially virtualization was about reducing capex, then the focus was on reducing opex and finally, increasing revenues. Once again, Juniper is ahead of the game. We have been working with providers to help them realize real value with virtualization for some time. Our customers find that Juniper has a clear approach and demonstrates clear business value. We've spent time with customers getting into an activity-based cost model to not only drive new revenue but increase customer satisfaction. For a deeper look, take a look at a recent webinar to learn about the benefits of transforming your service delivery lifecycle with automation.


Our value is demonstrated through our customers embracing our technology solutions to solve their biggest challenges in Telco Cloud, vCPE and automation. We're now starting commercial deployments, but there's still a lot to be done. Learn more about Juniper’s Big NFV Idea.