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IDEAS/Connected 2016: Day One Miami. Nice.
Jan 11, 2016

LS_2016_blue_960px.jpgIDEAS/Connected 2016: Day One

Miami. Nice.

by Matt Hurley, Corporate VP, Worldwide Partner and Field Marketing


I love Miami. I love it even more when the city’s coolness jazzes me and then I hear what 2016 is going to be like for Juniper and our partners.


This morning’s opening session for IDEAS/Connected 2016 was an experience! From Rami Rahim to Jonathan Davidson to Vince Molinaro, each inspired and thrilled and built confidence in what we and our partners can and will accomplish in 2016.


A lot was said, so I want to pull out what I think were the key points made by each of the opening speakers.


Our chief customer officer, Vince Molinaro, kicked off the morning with some statistics about this year’s conference. In the room, were nearly 900 people, both Juniper and partners execs, from 210 companies, representing 50 countries. That’s impressive for our second conference. Vince also talked about how disruption in the industry creates opportunities and he pointed out that by 2020 the total global available IT market will be more than $43 billion. That means more opportunities for us to work together for our customers’ benefit. What we do at IDEAS/Connected is how we’ll plan to win in that market.


Be the Challenger


Rami laid out what he sees as the megatrends that will influence our industry in the coming year -- from industry consolation and changing network boundaries to the shift to the cloud, and the importance of security. But he stressed two ideas: first don’t accept commoditization; there’s will always be room for innovation and innovation can come from anywhere. So be ready. And he joked about what he called the “chess moves” made this year, from the Dell-EMC merger, the HP split, and the Cisco-Ericsson deal. Driving home his point that “size doesn’t matter,” he pointed out that no one seemed to know whether it was better to merge or acquire or partner or divest. “It’s good to be the size we are,” he stressed. “It’s good to be the challenger.”


Jonathan Davidson told us to get ready for a breakaway year. Our product portfolio is as strong as it’s ever been. What we started with our Innovation Showcase last March, we are carrying out. New products will continue to rollout in 2016. So get ready.


Jonathan showed a video of our Security Director product. With Security Director you can configure your network security fast and easy with simple drag and drop tools. It’s openness and simplicity makes it one of the most impressive pieces of software I’ve seen in a long time. Give it a try.


Investing in You


Later, Rami was asked where Juniper will be investing in 2016. His answer? He’s using his incremental funds to invest in our global go-to-market programs. That means sales and partners and customers. That’s great news. His reasoning: He wants to make sure get products get into the hands of as many customers as possible.


If you read my blog from Monday morning, you know we had a fantastic 2015. You know the CRN Annual Report Card (ARC) survey rated us as the No. 1 networking vendor for “Ease of Doing Business,” beating out the likes of Cisco and Dell. You know we made great progress in product innovation, partner support, and revenue and profit potential. I could go on. But it all boils down to this: we are better together; together we help our customers understand their challenges and help them move through them to success. The result: we are trusted by customers to deliver the best experience over any other vendor. That’s saying something.


Watch this space again tomorrow. It’s going to be another interesting day.


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