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Infonetics Research’s Recap on Ethernet Switches
Jun 29, 2015

Matthias Machowinski, Research Director of Enterprise Networks and Video at Infonetics Research, spoke June 10th to recap their quarterly report of the Ethernet Switch market. Overall, the industry’s revenue was up 7% YoY reaching a total of $5.2 billion, which is ahead of last quarter’s 5% increase. This increase was mainly seen in North America and Europe markets while the Asia Pacific growth was flat due to decreased demand in China and Japan.


Key takeaways:

  • The market for 10G switches has been declining for 3 quarters in a row. Some of this pressure is coming from 40G switches. Infonetics predicts that with a growth in campus networks, there could be a growth in the 10G market. Otherwise, without this growth, 10Gs will continue to face pressure.
  • The markets for 10Gs and 40Gs will soon switch to 25Gs and 100Gs by 2016. The 25G switches are predicted to most likely be enabled by 100Gs.
  • 100Gs are expected to eat much of the growth in the market. According to Infonetics, it will be one of the key markets to watch going forward.
  • Copper vs fiber: As the market continues to go more mainstream we will see more copper ports.
  • Juniper Networks occupies the #3 spot for revenue leaders in this market.

Jonathan Davidson, current EVP of Juniper Development and Innovation addressed the same key shifts in the Ethernet switcher market in his recent blog post:


“For switching, networks are rapidly moving from 10G to 40G and ultimately to 100G networks. To enable that transition for our customers, Juniper will offer our QFX10000 line of switches – the first purpose-built data center aggregation switch family to be powered by Juniper’s organically built ASIC, offering unparalleled performance, port density and scale to grow cloud networks. The QFX10000 line offers the highest port density needed for those 100G networks and also has the most compact 100GE-capable switch available on the market today.”