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Is Juniper Certified Pre-owned Network Gear Right for Your Network?
Aug 10, 2015


Juniper debuted our Certified Pre-Owned network equipment program last week. The program brings new and important benefits to this robust market: a Juniper warranty on used products purchased through this program plus several software and support elements. This is the only used equipment that comes with a Juniper warranty. Learn how certified pre-owned differs from gray and black markets, and how to gauge whether certified pre-owned equipment is worth exploring for your next network expansion.


Certified pre-owned programs reduce the risks of purchasing lower cost used equipment on many fronts. Many discount resellers offer their own version of certified used equipment. That makes it difficult for buyers to figure out whether they’re dealing with a reseller in the used-hardware market or in the gray or black markets. IT analyst firm Gartner distinguishes gray and black markets as follows:


“In the black market, parts are illegal or counterfeit. In the gray hardware market, new products are sold outside of the channel originally intended to be sold in, and are against what the OEM intended in its rules of engagement.” (Gartner, Inc.**)


Staying with trusted sources is paramount. But is used equipment the right way to go?


Juniper suggests answering a few straight forward questions to decide whether certified pre-owned equipment is right for your network at this time:

  • Do you need to expand your network, but prefer to use legacy equipment or familiar operations?
  • Do you need extra capacity but lack extra budget?
  • Is the equipment that you rely on no longer available as new?

Juniper Certified Pre-owned products are currently available only through PureWRX. You can find useful information and instant chat at



**Source: Gartner, Inc., “Used-Hardware Resellers Offer Hardware and Support Cost Savings”, February 2015 , by Eric Goodness and Christine Tenneson

Aug 11, 2015
Juniper Employee

This is a really good program where enterprises with lean budgets can look at purchasing Juniper equipment with Juniper backed guarantees. Is there a plan to extend this program beyond US to price sensitive markets such as India?



Aug 12, 2015
Juniper Employee

Indeed, Juniper Certified Pre-Owned will be offered globally, but not right away.  The plan is to extend to most major markets around the world by this time next year.