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Juniper Introduces Open Cloud Interconnect
Mar 29, 2017

Last week at OFC, we announced Open Cloud Interconnect. Our Data Center Interconnect (DCI) solution delivers versatile, full-stack DCI networks designed and optimized for distributed or centralized cloud environments. Open Cloud Interconnect can be enabled from leading Juniper switching and routing platforms at the data center spine layer or the data center edge, incorporating integrated coherent optics or standalone compact optical DCI platforms to address any DCI use case for any data center operator. This solution is compatible with BTI technology.
Earlier this month, Juniper was a Diamond Sponsor of MPLS + SDN + NFV World Congress in Paris. This year's overarching theme was how to evolve from network management to orchestration. In this context, Juniper was advocating autonomous networks that can configure, monitor and maintain themselves, adapting to their operating environments with little or no human intervention. Juniper calls this the Self-Driving Network
We also announced a strategic organizational change this month. To increase alignment between strategy and execution, Juniper has created a new position of Strategy and Product Line Management, senior vice president, and has appointed Kevin Hutchins to this role. Additionally, Juniper's engineering organization now reports into chief development officer, Andy Athreya. This coincides with the departure of Jonathan Davidson. 
This month’s featured content highlights Vodafone Group on recognizing Juniper as an outstanding strategic partner, A2B Internet deploying Juniper's vMX virtual routers, digs deeper into Open Cloud Interconnect and provides more details regarding our organizational change.


Featured Content

Juniper Networks Accelerates Cloud Service Delivery with New Data Center Interconnect Solution


Juniper Networks announced Open Cloud Interconnect, a comprehensive data center interconnect (DCI) solution enabling a diverse range of network operators to accelerate cloud service delivery, while simplifying network operations. This unique approach -- which combines new high-capacity coherent optical innovations with open, programmable routing, switching, security and virtualization technologies -- gives customers the ability to optimize multi-layer DCI networks for increased network automation, visibility and control. 


As new cloud business models emerge to capitalize on the growth for Cloud Services and IT Infrastructure, network operators face significant challenges in scaling network capacity, optimizing network resources and simplifying operations. Compounding these challenges are proprietary, single-layer vendor products that impede an operator's ability to adapt to the speed of cloud-based business. Juniper's Open Cloud Interconnect solution is designed to assist data center operators to overcome these challenges with proven, versatile solutions, leveraging innovations from the IP to the photonic layer, in order to enable open, scalable, secure and operationally simple DCI networks. 


Incorporating industry-leading technologies in routing, switching, packet optical, network management and software-defined networking (SDN), Juniper's new Open Cloud Interconnect offers customers a flexible and open approach to architecting data center networks to meet the demands of public, private and hybrid multi-cloud environments. Designed to align with the foundational principles of the recently-announced Unite Cloud for the Data Center and the Software-Defined Secure Networks (SDSN) platform, Juniper's Open Cloud Interconnect can be adapted to support a multitude of network architectures, enabling cloud providers, service providers and large enterprises to design, optimize and control DCI networks as their business needs dictate.


Juniper's Open Cloud Interconnect includes a broad range of technologies from across Juniper's product portfolio, including MX Series 3D Universal Edge RoutersQFX Series Switches and Contrail Networking, which can be leveraged to build customized DCI solutions aligned to customers' business goals.

Juniper Networks Wins Vodafone's 2016 Supplier of the Year


Juniper has received the award for 'Supplier of the Year' from Vodafone Group during the company's 2016 annual Vodafone Supplier Awards ceremony.

The Vodafone Supplier Awards recognize companies that have performed outstandingly in supporting Vodafone Group's continuous drive for operating efficiency and delivery of greater benefits to its customers. Juniper Networks was acknowledged for its outstanding performance in supporting Vodafone's delivery of excellent customer experience. When presenting this year's award, Vodafone highlighted Juniper's commitment to delivering value and quality through its technology innovations.


Juniper is a strategic provider of IP routing and security technology for Vodafone Group, including its next-generation data centers, IP/MPLS backbones and mobile backhaul domains. 


For further reading, please see the official press release.

A2B Internet Deploys Juniper Networks vMX as the First Virtual Network Function Service in its Next-Generation Network Platform


A2B Internet, a Dutch internet connectivity provider, today announced that A2B Internet has selected Juniper Networks® vMX Virtual Routers as the first Virtual Network Function (VNF) for its next-generation network platform. This architecture will enable A2B Internet to deliver new agile and automated services for its customers. A2B Internet also improved monitoring and management capabilities by deploying vMX.


A2B Internet provides connectivity solutions to internet service providers, web, cloud, hosting and enterprise companies. The previous solution was no longer able to meet the growing scale of A2B Internet's data connections. Convergence time was also critical for the provider. When a link fails or changes, each router must rapidly recompute and update its routing tables. Juniper Networks vMX was selected for its fast convergence times and its rich set of routing features and automation capabilities. One of the key selection drivers for A2B Internet is the ability to automate provisioning in the network using application program interfaces (APIs).


For further reading, please see the official press release.

Juniper Networks Announces Organizational Changes to Accelerate Innovation


Juniper announced a new organizational structure to support its innovation transformation strategy. To increase alignment between strategy and execution, Juniper has created a new position of Strategy and Product Line Management, senior vice president, and has appointed Kevin Hutchins to this role. Additionally, Juniper's engineering organization will now report into chief development officer, Andy Athreya. Both of these positions will report into chief executive officer, Rami Rahim.

"The opportunity we have at Juniper to lead the next wave of innovation and network transformation in our industry is incredible," said Rami Rahim, chief executive officer, Juniper Networks. "To achieve our vision, I am thrilled to have Kevin Hutchins and Andy Athreya to lead and help realize our innovation potential. These changes will allow Juniper Networks to double-down on innovation." 


Mr. Hutchins has been responsible for strategy and business development and has been instrumental in defining and enabling Juniper's corporate strategy through organic and inorganic growth. He now assumes responsibility for Product Line Management. Kevin is a six plus year veteran of Juniper Networks and prior to Juniper, he held leadership roles in strategy, corporate development and general management at IBM and Lockheed Martin. 


Mr. Athreya has been an engineering leader at Juniper since 2004 and has held various leadership positions within the routing and security products groups. He has consistently delivered successful products to market for Juniper's customers across routing, security and Junos software.


For further reading, please see the official press release.