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Juniper Networks Management Pack for VMware vRealize Operations – manage the network in your Software-Defined Data Center
Oct 2, 2015

Enterprise IT Data centers are delivering high performance and innovative services to end users by leveraging best technologies from diverse vendors. While different vendors have reasonable integration at data plane and control plane level, unified management is still an evolving area.


VMware vRealize Operations is part of VMware vRealize suite, which helps data center administrators monitor the health of their multi vendor, multi technology data centers. Vendors can develop management packs for integrating their infrastructure with vRealize Operations.


Juniper Networks has developed a Management Pack for VMware vRealize Operations. This will help customers with VMware server infrastructure and Juniper Network infrastructure, to get a holistic view of their data centers and help them manage and monitor application workloads more effectively.


Juniper Management Pack uses the REST API exposed by Junos Space Network Director, to fetch the network data and populate the vRealize Operations analytics database.





Key Features of Juniper Networks Management Pack


Correlated health view


Many a times one issue with a resource in data center might be causing several other issues in different parts of data center. For example congestion in one uplink port of a Network Fabric can cause performance issues in multiple ESXi servers. A Network Fabric can be a QFabric, Virtual Chassis, Virtual Chassis Fabric or a Layer 3 Fabric.


The Juniper Infrastructure Overview dashboard shows a correlated health view of the Juniper Networks Fabric Devices, ESXi servers and Virtual machines in a single pane. This helps users to quickly identify problems and drill down further and identify the root cause of an issue.





Launch Junos Space Network Director in Context


For deeper troubleshooting of network fabric issues, users may need more data than what is available in vRealize Operations. For this, Launch Actions are supported at the Network Fabric object level. Using these actions user can jump from a Network Fabric view in vRealize Operations to detailed views of the network fabric in Junos Space Network Director.



Launch actions available from a Juniper Network Fabric Object in vRealize Operations





Internal Fabric Connectivity View of selected Virtual Chassis Fabric in Junos Space Network Director after cross launching from VMware vRealize Operations



Top Network Fabrics


Juniper Top Network Fabrics view lists the top network fabrics in the data center by CPU and memory utilization. This view also shows the most volatile network fabrics based on alarms and most noisiest network fabrics based on CPU and memory utilization.






To summarize, Juniper Networks Management Pack for vRealize Operations, enables data center admins to manage health and performance of their network infrastructure in correlation with other data center resources, and thus helping them to identify and resolve problems quickly.


Supported Product Versions


Juniper Management Pack for VMware vRealize Operations 1.0

Junos Space Network Director 2.5

VMware vRealize Operations 6.0.x

VMware vSphere 5.x and 6.x


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