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Juniper Partner Advantage Launches Partner Advantage Services Opportunities for Elite Partners (a contributed article by Robert Salzwedel)
Aug 6, 2013

Qualified Elite partners are invited to enroll in two services specializations within the portfolio of Partner Advantage Services we announced at our Global Partner Conference in January: Partner Support Services (PSS) and Partner Professional Services (PPS). Full details are available from your partner account manager or services partner manager.


Partner Support Services address $25 billion market opportunity for Operate and Optimize services


Partner Support Services is the evolution of our current Operate Specialization and is designed with many of your inputs. Partner Support Services will replace the Operate Specialist Program, and all Operate Specialists will be asked to migrate to the new program by the end of this year.


The evolution to PSS collectively moves us into what we call “Advanced Services” that holistically combine reactive and proactive partner support services. Advanced Services enable partners to offer customer-specific network intelligence and risk mitigation recommendations. These services provide greater value to customers and more profit for PSS partners.


Direct ATAC access and a new certification recognizes your investment in service delivery


Our curriculum of new advanced troubleshooting courses now earns participants a Professional-level certification: Juniper Networks Certified Support Professional (JNCSP). The four troubleshooting courses help you improve your service delivery effectiveness in:


  • Service provider routing
  • Enterprise routing
  • Enterprise switching
  • Security 


Support Services Specialists who meet the Direct ATAC Access eligibility requirements will gain exclusive engineering access to the Juniper Advanced Technical Assistance Center (ATAC) for fast customer problem resolution. We are also excited to offer you access to a remote Juniper lab to recreate problems and test configurations. Access to the remote lab will reduce the need to invest in Juniper product and provide faster results.


Reward-for-value structure includes new incentives


We have a new reward-for-performance structure for Support Services Specialists. In addition to discounts based on sales performance, PSS rewards will expand to include a new rebate based on service delivery excellence. We believe our incentives will foster the services experience our mutual customers are demanding. Partners who become known for service delivery excellence differentiate their way to the top by delivering the best customer value in the marketplace.


Partner Professional Services address $15 billion market opportunity for professional services


With Partner Professional Services, Juniper now builds a deliberate dependence on partners to deliver services at the top of the value chain. Services led customer engagements move us all up the chain, away from transactions into architectural design.


Our initial outreach for PPS participants will be limited to partners with thriving professional services practices. Our first step will be to collect, categorize, and validate PPS capabilities. Next, we will promote PPS capabilities to customers and our own Juniper sales teams to ensure that we create the greatest opportunities to showcase your value. We’re planning a Partner Professional Services catalog that will provide a platform to promote predefined Partner Professional Services packages to Juniper sales teams and customers.


Where appropriate, we look forward to sharing Juniper best practices, reference architectures, and other Juniper documentation to enhance and accelerate your existing professional services capabilities for greater efficiency and enhanced profitability. With PPS specialization, we can generate more revenue per engagement and help you grow your business more profitably.


Partner Advantage Services promote your brand of services


With Partner Advantage Services, Juniper will work hand-in-hand with participants to build and promote your brand of services. We will also provide partners with access to more technical tools, new enablement options, advanced training, access to reference architectures, design guides, implementation guides, and direct access to high-level Juniper engineers. 


For customers, Partner Advantage Services reduce the risk of network downtime and provide higher potential for optimizing network operations, faster mean time to resolve problems, lower network deployment costs, and faster time to market for their network-based initiatives.


Supporting Quotes


Juniper Networks

“Juniper Partner Advantage Services amplifies our investment in partners and services by providing unique tools and opportunities that will help drive growth, increase profitability and reward partners that deliver a truly remarkable customer experience.”

- Emilio Umeoka, senior vice president, Worldwide Partners, Juniper Networks


Agile Networks

“The introduction of Juniper Partner Support Services represents a fundamental shift whereby partners are entrusted by Juniper Networks to deliver more value in support and improve the customer experience. This ultimately means quicker problem resolution, better customer retention, and improved profitability - key to the success of any reseller!”

-Darragh Richardson, managing director, Agile Networks Ltd.


CommVerge Solutions

“With the Juniper PSS and PPS specializations, partner performance and loyalty is better rewarded. Coupled with the great support and help from the Juniper Networks partner management team, it was the best decision to be among the first Juniper partners to migrate to these specializations.”

-C.K. Lim, country president, CommVerge Solutions Malaysia


FishNet Security

“FishNet Security thrives on providing a blended product and services model to solve complex information security challenges for our customers. Executing within the Juniper PSS and PPS specializations energizes our advanced professional services practices and helps deliver greater value to our customers.” 

-Tom Schmatz, vice president - services channel development, FishNet Security  



For more information


We invite you to watch our new video on the JPA for Services opportunity and review our JPA for Services literature located on the Partner Center. For more information on how Partner Advantage Services can benefit your business, please contact your partner account manager, services partner manager, or send an e-mail to us at


Please review the August 6, 2013 Juniper Partner Services press release for additional information.