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Juniper and VMware make Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) a reality
Aug 19, 2015

In this application driven world IT is constantly under pressure to deliver more and faster while reducing costs. Complexity of the underlying data center infrastructure coupled with different IT silos tasked with supporting and maintaining of that infrastructure increases cost, creates inefficiencies and reduces productivity. Virtualization and Automation hold the keys to break up the IT silos and realize the benefits of software defined data center (SDDC). In SDDC the entire stack of compute, network and storage elements are virtualized. Virtualization leads to benefits including higher availability, higher utilization, lower cost, greater speed in developing applications and deploying services, and the agility to reconfigure and repurpose any infrastructure elements to reflect changing business needs.


Juniper and VMware are long-standing mutual technology alliance partners. With VMware being a leader in virtualization and data center automation software, Juniper has delivered a number of VMware integrations and advantages across our portfolio with our MetaFabric architecture. This positions Juniper as the network and security vendor of choice for customers using VMware technologies, from small solutions based on vSphere, to large comprehensive SDDCs with vRealize Operations (vROps) and NSX, to hybrid clouds with vCloud Air. For customers the benefits of Juniper and VMware integration are:

  • Operational cost savings and efficiencies from joint operations and cross-VMware-Juniper technology visibility, telemetry, and automation in management tooling.
  • Seamless high-performance virtual networking from routers and switches that plugs into the overlays in SDDCs deploying SDN with NSX.
  • Simplified security with next-generation firewall in physical or virtual form that scales from small branch deployments to the largest data center,or to the vCloud Air data centers.

Juniper is committed to making networking work better together with leading server virtualization platforms VMware ESXi and vSphere. When we introduced the vSRX and vMX we included support for the ESXi hypervisor right from the beginning. We have integrated Junos Space Network Director (ND) with VMware vCenter Server to visualize, analyze and control networking operations, provide the network operators with visibility into the additional state of the servers, hypervisors, and virtual machines. ND can also save time by automating network changes, such as VLAN updates across network switches and ports, in synchronicity with vSphere vMotion.


In traditional IT operations server and network teams work in silos. This creates even more complexity when overlays like VXLAN are enabled. If there is a problem with the performance of a VM or certain application there is always a blame game between the server guys and networking guys. The Cloud Analytics Engine (CAE) from Juniper helps server and network operations teams understand workload and application behavior across their physical and virtual infrastructures, performing data collection, analysis and correlation. The data also helps quickly identify and isolate congestion hot spots, detect micro-bursts, and identify which physical and virtual paths are being used by certain application or VM. In short, the CAE offers critical visibility and insight into network operations saving cost and time that would otherwise be wasted switching context between the network and server teams.


In an SDDC deployed with VMware NSX for network virtualization, Juniper offers a breadth of networking integrations and advantages. Juniper provides the best underlay infrastructure for any overlay network. Juniper’s MetaFabric is the simple, open and smart architecture for seamless end-to-end virtual networking for all virtualized data center and cloud environments. Juniper Networks MX Series routers now include features like VM traffic optimizer for Ethernet VPNs (EVPN) and the universal SDN gateway feature. This makes the MX Series routers the best choice for data center interconnect (DCI) whether it’s traditional, virtual or software defined data center. For securing the most demanding data center, the SRX Series Services Gateway, like the MX, offers the most scalable firewall solution with throughput of 2 Tbps.


Over and above virtualization, the essence of SDDC is automation. Smarter, integrated management with automation increases operational simplicity where changes happen fast and with a minimum of human intervention. Exploiting automation is the best way for IT teams to meet the changing business demands and operate IT as a service (ITAAS). VMware vROps is key to managing the SDDC and unlocking automation. Juniper offers a management pack for vROps to pull the information of secure network’s operations into view for the orchestration-level operator of such wholly virtualized data centers.


In partnership with VMware, Juniper provides a comprehensive set of product integrations and feature advantages allowing joint operations of the VMware solutions with Juniper secure networking and management platforms. Some of the key Vmware related features in Juniper products are listed below:

  • In the QFX5100 Series an the new QFX5200 Series switches, NSX orchestration of VXLANs with OVSDB for automation of overlay configuration for Layer 2 Gateway functionality.
  • In the QFX10000 Series switches, MX routers and vMX, VTEP integration with NSX that will not only bridge, but also support routing.
  • Juniper data center fabric solutions offer superior multicast performance and scale which is needed for large NSX deployments in hybrid unicast-multicast mode.
  • The ND integrates with APIs from vSphere’s vCenter Server and NSX to provide VXLAN virtual network overlay, hypervisor, and virtual machine visibility and automation..
  • The CAE provides visibility into both overlay and underlay networks.
  • The Junos Space Security Director unifies the end-to-end security operations and integrates with vSphere to provide the lifecycle management for vSRX VMs.
  • ND management pack for vROps enables visibility across underlay & overlay infrastructure, hypervisors and VMs.
  • ND integration for vRealize Log Insight enables the SDDC orchestration operations team to pull in logs of Juniper routing, switching and security systems.

Juniper and VMware best-of-breed integrated solutions can truly help customers realize the benefits of SDDC by breaking down traditional IT silos, increasing productivity and lowering the total cost of ownership.


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